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Daily Multiplication Worksheets

Getting kids to practice their math skills everyday can be challenging. Daily multiplication worksheets can be fun though! Find out our trick for making math skills practice a breeze! Multiplication Practice Even though my kids are a bit older now, it’s still so important to keep them practicing their multiplication skills throughout the year. So, …

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Real Life Math: Rainbow Restaurant

Applying math lessons learned in a classroom to real life can be mind-boggling for some kids. That is why real life math practice can be a valuable asset to their learning experience. Find more below about this free math worksheet that applies real life math to our imaginary Rainbow Restaurant’s delicious yet, indulgent, menu. This …

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Mean Median Mode Range Worksheets {Free Printables}

Ever since we did the Mean, Median, Mode, and Range anchor chart, we’ve been getting requests for mean, median, mode, range worksheets. The wait is finally over! Free Mean Median Mode and Range Worksheets Practicing mean median mode and range (MMMR) skills is essential for building students’ confidence and understanding of how it’s done and …

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