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10 Online Homeschool Resources

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With homeschooling becoming a more popular alternative to public or private schools, it can be overwhelming when researching sites that are helpful to both parents and homeschoolers. Below is a compilation of websites that are full of information regarding homeschool education.

10 Online Homeschool Resources

10 Online Homeschool Resources

1. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Free online homeschool magazine, links to online classes, home organization tips, and support for the homeschool parent.

2. The Homeschool Mom
The homeschool mom gives ideas of projects, planners, calendars, and support groups for homeschool families.

3. Education Helper
Education Helper presents lessons plans, worksheets, and books. The site also has information for homeschooling children who need special education.

4. Enchanted Learning
The Enchanted Learning website offers educational games, activity calendars, music education, and iPhone applications to help with homeschool learning.

5. Homeschool By Design
Homeschool by design provides a way to create individual curriculum plans for grades pre-k through 12, while meeting the goals of a homeschool family.

6. Experiland
Experiland is a science based site which allows students and parents to work together doing hands on science experiments and projects for grades 1 through 8.

7. The Homeschool Library
The Homeschool Library is a discussion forum for homeschoolers and parents that offers information, support, and other links for learning.

8. The Home Scholar
The Home Scholar offers parent training tools and resources from a homeschool consultant.

9. Knowledge House
Knowledge house gives ideas, inspiration, books, and a library of links for homeschool families.

10. World Book
World Book is an online encyclopedia that provides references, atlases, and interactive resources for homeschoolers.

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