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7 4th of July Crafts for Kids

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7 4th of July Crafts for Kids

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Today, we celebrate our freedom with fireworks and barbeques, decorations and vacations.

These seven 4th of July crafts for kids are the perfect way to teach children the history of their country while keeping them occupied with fun creations.

7 Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

1.USA Handprint Wreath

Children’s handprints are precious and meant to be saved.

Create this red, white and blue handprint wreath to hang on your door for the 4th of July using red, blue and white construction paper, one paper plate per wreath, scissors, a pencil, glue, a hole puncher, and a piece of yarn or ribbon.

Children three and older will enjoy this craft; however, with help from an adult, younger children can also immortalize their handprints.

Trace your child’s hand three times on each of the red, white and blue sheets of construction paper.

Using safety scissors, allow your child to cut her handprints from the paper.

Cut out the middle of the paper plate, leaving only the ridged rim.

Glue the handprints, fingers out, onto the paper plate.

Using the hold puncher, punch a hole in the top of the paper plate.

Tie a piece of ribbon. Once the craft is dry, hang it from your front door to demonstrate your red, white and blue pride.

2.Fireworks Picture

Whether you can’t make it to see fireworks this year or your dog runs in fear at the loud booms, this fireworks picture is a great way for kids to experience homemade fireworks without the noise.

Perfect for children three and older, you will need black construction paper, various colors of glitter and white glue.

Having old newspapers handy will help protect the table top from the messier supplies.

Lay newspaper on the kitchen table.

Help your child form starburst shapes with the glue on the black construction paper.

Older children may enjoy more intricate designs, which can be created by dragging a toothpick through the glue or using a straw to gently blow the glue into a burst.

Once satisfied with the shapes, sprinkle glitter on top of the glue.

Allow the craft to dry. Pick up the sheet of construction paper to shake away extra glitter.

Your child has just created his own fireworks!

Hang them on the fridge, the wall or turn it into a card for the grandparents.

3.Paper Bag Uncle Sam Hats

Help your child get into the 4th of July spirit with these easy-to-make paper bag Uncle Sam hats.

Children three and older will enjoy creating this craft; however, younger children are sure to enjoy wearing them! Before you begin, you will need red, white and blue paint, paint brushes, one paper grocery bag (not lunch sack) per hat, and white stars that can be bought at the craft store.

Children may also use scissors and white paper to create the stars.

If choosing that route, add glue to your list of necessary supplies.

Unfold the paper bag so all of the brown surface is visible.

Roll the top of the bag down, to create a brim for the hat.

Help your child paint the brim blue and then add red and white stripes vertically to the top of the bag.

Once the blue paint has dried, your child can paint stars along the brim.

If you chose to purchase white stars or cut them from paper, glue them to the blue band.

Allow the craft to dry before placing the hat on his head.

He is sure to be wearing the best homemade Uncle Sam hat at the 4th of July parade!

4.Red, White and Blue Paper Chains

Paper chain crafts are not just for Christmas and tree decorating, they’re perfect all year round (and one of my daughter’s favorite quick crafts!)!

This year, help your child create a red, white and blue patriotic paper chain.

Children two and older will enjoy participating in this craft and helping you decorate your porch or living room.

Some children may even like to wear the paper chain as a necklace.

Before you begin, collect red, white and blue construction paper.

You will also need a stapler, glue or tape.

Depending on how large of a paper chain your child would like to make, cut strips from the red, white and blue construction paper.

If the craft will be hanging in the living room, cut wide, long strips.

If your child will be wearing the paper chain around her neck, cut smaller, thinner strips of construction paper.

Help your child wrap the strips into a loop.

Using scissors, glue or tape, secure the first loop.

Thread the second strip through the first loop and secure it.

Continue the process, alternating between red, white and blue loops, until the desired length is complete.

Hang or wear the paper chain and enjoy the 4th of July!

5.Patriotic Star Wand

If you’re planning to head to an Independence Day parade, this patriotic star wand is a must-make children’s craft.

Ideal for preschool aged children, you will need red, white and blue cardstock, a wooden stick (which can be purchased at most craft stores), red, white and blue ribbons, and glue or tape.

Cut one star from each of the colors of cardstock.

The stars should vary in size as they will be layered.

Children may choose which color should be in the background, middle and foreground to help personalize each wand.

Glue the stars together.

Once dry, turn the stars over and glue the wooden stick to the back.

Cut pieces of ribbon and glue them to the back of the star as well so they hang down in the direction of the stick.

Ribbon pieces may be all one length or various lengths depending on your child’s preference.

Once the craft is dry, your child will be ready to participate in the parade!

(Personalization tip: If your child wishes to make her wand even more special, try adding American flag stickers or glitter to the stars.)

6.Finger Print American Flag

The American Flag is one of the most common decorations displayed on the 4th of July.

Help your child make his own American Flag while allowing him to get his fingers messy.

Perfect for children three and older, younger children can enjoy this craft with a parent’s help.

You will need red and blue stamp pads, white construction paper or card stock, a pencil, and a damp paper towel to clean messy fingers.

If this craft will be used as a greeting card, cut the card stock so that it will fit in an envelope.

If hanging on the wall, leave the paper large enough for people across the room to see the patriotic artwork.

For younger children, use the pencil to draw light, horizontal lines across the paper.

Help your child dip her finger into the red ink and press prints into rows along the pencil line.

Leave a blank, white square in the top left of the paper.

Once the red lines are created, help your child create a blue fingerprint square.

Inside the square, form a cross of blue prints to give the illusion of stars.

Allow the craft to dry before hanging on the wall or writing a personal message on the back.

7.Toilet Paper Roll USA Candle

With children running around the house, you may be hesitant to light candles because of the open flame.

This toilet paper roll USA candle craft is the perfect solution.

Help your child create this flame-free patriotic candle using red, white and blue construction paper, one toilet paper roll per candle, scissors, and glue.

For two candles, you may cut a paper towel roll in half.

Children three and older will love this craft.

Cut ½-inch strips from the red and white construction paper.

Wrap them in alternating fashion around the toilet paper roll and glue to secure.

Cut stars from the blue construction paper and glue them sporadically onto the stripes.

Children may also wish to add red or white stars to their candle creations.

When it’s time to light the candle, cut a flame shape from the blue construction paper.

Glue to the top of the toilet paper roll.

Your child’s flameless candle is ready to decorate your living room!

To make the candle sturdier, you can glue the toilet paper roll to a piece of cardboard or blue cardstock.

Teach your child the importance of Independence Day with these seven fun 4th of July crafts for kids.

Save and display for the 4th of July every year as well as Memorial Day, Flag Day and Veteran’s Day.

To learn more about the history and meaning behind the 4th of July, take a look at these 5 facts that every child should know about the holiday.

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