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5 Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

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5 Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Although dinosaurs have been extinct for approximately 65 million years, kids’ fascination with these creatures is still thriving. From The Land before Time to museum displays, we keep our children interested in these large creatures. If you want to take them to see actual dinosaur bones, head to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia where they have plenty! It’s one of our favorite science places and where we’ll be doing a lot of hands-on studying this coming homeschool year. We even got to see dinosaur poo and the kids still talk about it! Below are five dinosaur crafts for kids guaranteed to entertain your children – even if it does include a science lesson.

5 Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Clay Fossils

Does your child dream about being the next great archeologist? Perhaps he just likes digging in the dirt. Either way, clay fossils, which are great for children over the age of two, will help to bring out the explorer in your child. Before you begin, you will need air-drying clay or Plaster of Paris if you’re feeling exceptionally adventurous. If using Plaster of Paris, a small milk carton and scissors will also be necessary. You will also need natural items, such as leaves, stones or shells. Small plastic dinosaurs will help round out this craft.

For younger children, mold the clay into a circular or oval shape. Press the items into the clay. Remove and allow the clay to dry. Your child has just created his own fossil. Older children may enjoy “digging” for fossils after the craft. For them, cut a square milk carton about three inches from the bottom. Fill half with Plaster of Paris. Help your child arrange shells and plastic dinosaurs in the plaster. Pour more plaster on top and allow the craft to dry. Once dry, peel the milk carton away, leaving only the square Plaster of Paris. Give your child a plastic knife or spoon to chip away at the plaster. He will be delighted when he finds the dinosaur inside and the fossil left behind.

Cardboard Dinosaur Feet

Children love to stomp around the house and, with this craft, they will be able to walk like the dinosaurs. Cardboard dinosaur feet are a great craft for children over the age of three. You will need sturdy cardboard either from the craft store or from an old box you don’t mind cutting up. You should also collect green and yellow paint, scissors, glue and thick ribbon.

If your child is creative and likes to draw, allow her to sketch her idea of dinosaur feet on the cardboard. You can also cut an oval and three triangles, which will be the toes. Paint the foot green and the toenails yellow (or red, purple, etc. depending on your child’s favorite color). Glue three toes to each foot. Once the paint has dried, cut two holes in the center of each foot slightly wider than the width of your child’s foot. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie together over your child’s foot. She is now ready to run around the house pretending to be her favorite dinosaur!

Sock Puppet Dinosaur

Creating a sock puppet dinosaur will provide fun for your child long after the craft is complete. If you have more than one child, you can encourage them to create a puppet show after the craft dries. Although younger children will enjoy the finished product, creating the craft is best left to children over the age of three. You will need to gather one sock per puppet, two googly eyes per puppet, three different felt colors (red, black and yellow are recommended), glue, scissors and a regular drinking cup.

To keep the form of the sock puppet, it will be easiest to pre-cut the felt pieces needed for this craft. Using the red felt, cut a triangle, which will be the dinosaur’s mouth. Two small black felt circles make the perfect dinosaur nose. To create spikes on the dinosaur’s back, you will need two yellow triangles per spike. Typically two to three spikes will fit on an adult sock. Once your supplies are ready, place the sock on your child’s hand. Help him fit the sock around the fingers and thumb to create a mouth. Glue the red piece of felt in this space to create the dinosaur’s tongue. Glue the black circles and googly eyes to complete the dinosaur’s face. Using a generous amount of glue, place the yellow triangles a few centimeters apart and glue the tops of the triangles together. Your child’s dinosaur is almost complete! To ensure the sock puppet keeps its shape, slip the sock over a drinking glass. Allow the craft to dry then enjoy your child’s imagination as he gives life to the dinosaur sock puppet.

Pasta Dinosaur Skeleton

Ideal for pre-school aged children, this pasta dinosaur skeleton craft is quick, easy and enjoyable. Before you begin, you will need brown construction paper, uncooked penne pasta, glue and a pencil.

Help your child sketch a simple dinosaur skeleton on the brown construction paper. Using brown paper will give the appearance of bones resting in dirt. The best dinosaur for this craft is the formidable T-Rex. Using five or six pieces of pasta, create the head and backbone of the dinosaur. Three horizontal lines will create the head and face, while seven lines can create the body of the dinosaur. Make sure to extend the drawing downwards to create the legs. Add glue to the pre-drawn lines and gently press dry penne noodles to the paper. Allow the craft to dry before displaying your child’s dinosaur skeleton.

Handprint Dinosaur

If you’re looking for a way to preserve your child’s precious handprints, this craft is ideal. The handprint dinosaur is best for children over the age of three; however, younger children may enjoy the craft with extra help. You will need paper, green paint and a wet rag to wash messy fingers. Your child may also enjoy coloring the dinosaur with crayons, preferably matching the paint color.

Creating this Stegosaurus can showcase your child’s imagination. Either print a dinosaur template from the internet or allow your child to draw her own version. Color the dinosaur. Paint the bottom of your child’s hand with the desired color. Help your child firmly press her hand on top of the dinosaur. Typically, two to three handprints will create the stegosaurus’ spikey back. Allow the paint to dry before displaying your child’s artwork. This craft is also a great idea to make homemade cards or party invitations.

Whether your child wants to discover dinosaur bones or simply likes coloring, these five dinosaur crafts for kids are sure to get his imagination going. Help your child explore years before his time by allowing him to create these monsters from so long ago.

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