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Arizona Fun Facts

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Curious about some Arizona fun facts?

Us too!

Check out these interesting facts for kids below.

Did you know that Arizona became the 48th state in 1912! 

It was originally a territory of Mexico until the United States won the Mexican-American war and took control of the land.  

Arizona Fun Facts

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The capital of Arizona is Phoenix and its home to about 7 million people! 

Known as the Copper State and the Grand Canyon State, Arizona is a unique place with many interesting attractions! 

Check out some these fascinating Arizona fun facts for kids!

Fun Facts About Arizona for Kids

Arizona is the sunniest state

Why Arizona isn’t nicknamed the Sunshine State, we do not know! 

The sun shines in Arizona about 85% of the year. 

This means that Arizona has more sunny days than the states of Florida and Hawaii! 


Arizona isn’t all desert land

When you think of Arizona, it’s more than likely you think of open, dry desert land. 

However, Arizona is home to some of the largest national forests in the nation. 

These incredible forests make up about 15% of the state. 

Places like the Coronado National Forest, the Kaibab National Forest, and the Tonto National Forest are just a few of the amazing woodland places to see in Arizona.

Arizona Fun Facts

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the second most visited national park in America! 

Just about 6 million people go to see the canyon every year. 

The Grand Canyon has many charms including hidden caves and caverns, the flowing Colorado River, and the historic Navajo Bridge. 

It is even home to several American Indian tribes that live in and around the canyon.

America’s largest sundial is in Arizona

Located in the town of Carefree, AZ is the largest sundial in the United States! 

The sundial stretches 62 feet across, rises 35 feet off the ground, and points directly to the North Star. 

Completed in 1959, it is quite a big tourist attraction.

You can see roadrunners running in Arizona

Watch out! 

If in Arizona, you might just spot a roadrunner running up to 17mph to get away from an enemy. 

Beep beep!

Arizona Fun Facts

Arizona is home to the Gila Monster

The Gila Monster is the only poisonous lizard in United States. 

While it is not actually a monster, it is a large beaded lizard that does have a venomous bite.  

The Saguaro cactus is found in Arizona

The only place in the world you can find a Saguaro cactus growing naturally is in Arizona! 

It stands up to 66 feet tall in the Sonoran Desert and is the largest cactus in the United States. 

It can take up to 100 years to grow one “arm” of the Saguaro. 

That is a long time!

Arizona has a lot of rattlesnakes

This could definitely be a scary fact about Arizona if you don’t like snakes. 

Home to 13 different species of rattlesnakes, Arizona has more than any other state. 

In fact, over 200 snake bites are reported each year.  

Arizona forbids donkeys sleeping in tubs

We’re not sure how this one came about, but in the state of Arizona, it is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs. 

Now, this is surely the weirdest fact about Arizona that we have heard!

Arizona Fun Facts

Interesting Arizona Facts

Well, Arizona seems like a pretty awesome place! 

Don’t you think? 

With its beautiful lands, unique attractions, and interesting wildlife, Arizona is one remarkable state. 

Did you have any other fun facts to share?    

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