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Fun Facts About Connecticut

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Take a look at some of these fun facts about the state of Connecticut!

Connecticut is one of the six New England states. 

It got its name from the Connecticut River, which flows north to south down the middle of the state.

The name Connecticut comes from the Native American word, quinetucket, which means ‘beside the long river’. 

Connecticut has nicknames too!

Some people call it the Constitution State, the Nutmeg State, or the Provisions State. 

Interesting, right?  

Fun Facts About Connecticut

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What are a few other fascinating facts we can learn about Connecticut? 

Check these out!

Connecticut Facts

The First Dictionary was Published in Connecticut

The very first dictionary was published in Connecticut.

In fact, the author of the first dictionary was born and raised in the great state! 

Noah Webster wrote the first American dictionary titled, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, in 1806. 

We now know the dictionary, and all of its editions, as Webster’s Dictionary. 

The birthplace of Noah Webster is n a historical landmark in Connecticut. 


Connecticut is Home to a Very Old Library

In 1771, a man named Richard Smith started the Smith Library in Salisbury, Connecticut. 

With the contributions of thirty-nine locals, Smith purchased the first 200 books from London to stock the town’s new library. 

The Smith Library turned into the Scoville Memorial Library after a large inheritance was received.

The Scoville Memorial Library now holds over 30,000 books, videos, newspapers, and more. 

It is the oldest publicly funded library in the United States.   

Fun Facts About Connecticut

Lollipops were Invented in Connecticut

It is believed that the very first lollipops were created in New Haven, Connecticut by a man named George Smith.

In 1908, he had the idea to put candy on a stick and mass-produce them. 

The idea took off, and today, lollipops are available in all shapes, sizes, and flavors!     

Connecticut has the Oldest Steam-Powered Cider Mill in the US

The oldest (and only) steam-powered cider mill in the United States is in Mystic, Connecticut. 

BF Clyde’s Cider Mill opened its doors in 1881, and it has been making cider ever since. 

Now designated a national historical landmark, the cider mill makes yummy treats like apple cider, apple doughnuts, and apple butter. 

Sounds delicious!                           

The First Hamburger was Made in Connecticut

A man named Louis Lassen created the hamburger in his restaurant, Louis’ Lunch, in the year 1900.

Grilled ground steak trimmings sandwiched between toast made the first-ever hamburger. 

Today, Louis’ Lunch still serves up their old-fashioned burgers in its original building. 

How cool is that?

Fun Facts About Connecticut

Silly Laws in Connecticut

There are quite a few weird and wacky laws in the state of Connecticut. 

For example, did you know that in the city of Hartford, it is illegal to cross the street by walking on your hands? 

It’s also against the law to walk backward after sunset in Devon, Connecticut. 

That’s crazy!

Facts About the State of Connecticut

Connecticut is full of history and interesting facts. 

From publishing the very first dictionary to inventing the hamburger, Connecticut is truly a remarkable state.  

What do you think? 

Have you been to Connecticut? 

If not, would you like to visit Connecticut?

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