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Minecraft Homeschool

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Minecraft and homeschooling go hand in hand.

Here’s how to use Minecraft homeschool lessons to enhance your child’s learning.

Minecraft Homeschool

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Minecraft is all the rage here.

In fact, they’d play it all day, every day if I let them.  

So, when we were searching for some creative ways to fit history into the 4th grader’s curriculum, incorporating Minecraft into his lessons seemed like a dream come true.  

Imagine…no fussing over doing school work…it’s a homeschooling mama’s dream!

We checked out a few different options (Google Minecraft homeschool and prepare to be amazed), but ultimately signed up for a Lite class focusing on Vikings with Minecraft Homeschool (now known as GameEd Academy – same great classes, but a new name!). 

At only $9.95 for a 5-week class, it was a great price point to get started.  

They also have Advanced classes where they will grade the quizzes for you and the games require a bit more teamwork that start at $15.95 per 5-week class.  

This page breaks down the differences in the classes and, if you scroll down, you can find out more about recommended age and experience levels.  

Kids as young as 5 can play!  

You have to play it on the computer with a Mojang account as it can’t be played or accessed from the Xbox360.  

Accounts can be purchased for about $30 from GameStop, Amazon, etc.

and, as far as I know, never expire.

So, we’ve been waiting patiently for the first day of class to start.

And today?

Oh, today, it started!  

I am happy to report that an hour long video on Vikings from the BBC has been independently watched (and was totally cool), the weekly quiz has been taken, and a Viking longhouse has been built on the server thus far.  

In fact, in order to make sure his longhouse is historically accurate, the kidlet actually researched more about the construction of the houses.  


On his own.  


Without prompting.  


We’ll be signing up for the next session starting April 15th and then, most likely, signing up for the summer session.  

After all, he is going to be playing Minecraft anyway, so why not combine it with some great learning and teamwork?!

Do your kiddos do Minecraft Homeschool?  

Tell us about it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.