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15 Science Experiments for Preschoolers

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15 Science Experiments for Preschoolers

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Preschool Science Experiments

Science has always been the favorite subject in our home.

From making Potato Clocks to doing the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment, we’ve tried a lot of fun science experiments for preschoolers and beyond.

Why do science experiments make such a difference in learning?

It’s because they give kids a chance to explore, investigate, and be naturally curious.

They’re also a ton of fun which doesn’t hurt either!


Check out some of our favorite preschool science activities below and give them a try in your next homeschool preschool lesson!

Create different types of boats with this fun science investigation.

via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Try this easy Surprise Color Fizz Experiment.

via Powerful Mothering

Your candy lover will get excited about this preschool science experiment – it involves Skittles!

The Skittles Experiment makes a rainbow of color!

via Fun with Mama

15 Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Cool down with this Ice Erosion Experiment.

via Views From a Step Stool

Will the salt dissolve?

Find out in this Dissolving Salt in Water preschool experiment.

via Things to Share and Remember

How can a potato help you tell time?

When you turn it into a Potato Clock of course!

via Mama Teaches

Your curious preschooler has a lot of questions – including what makes a ball bounce!

This What Makes Balls Bounce experiment is perfect for answering those questions.

via Rainy Day Mum

Make rainbow ice with this easy Rainbow Ice and Salt Experiment.

via Powerful Mothering

Create a Cloud in a Cup and see if it will rain.

via Parenting Chaos

Investigate air pressure with the Air Pressure Balloon experiment.

Via Fun with Mama

15 Awesome Science Experiments for Preschoolers

The Color Changing Flower Activity is one of our favorite science experiments!

See how this mama shared it with her kids.

via Natural Beach Living

This Static Electricity Experiment is hair-raising!

via i heart crafty things

If disappearing candy will make your preschool scientists upset, skip the Lollipop Dissolving Science Experiment!

via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Spring and summer are the perfect times to try this Soil Erosion Experiment!

via Views From a Step Stool

And don’t forget the quintessential preschool science experiment that all kids love – the Baking Soda Volcano!

via Fun with Mama

What are some of your favorite preschool science experiments? Share with us below!

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