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Tips For Taking Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids

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Tips For Taking Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids

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In the 80 years since the first commercial camera was introduced, it is estimated that roughly a few million pictures were taken.

By 1930, one billion pictures were taken per year and by 1960, three billion pictures were taken a year.

In that year, 55 percent of photos were of babies.

A decade later, 10 billion photos were taken in a year.

That may seem like a lot but today, we take nearly 400 billion pictures per year.

In fact, every two minutes, humans take more pictures than were seen in the entire 19th century.

Every day alone, 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook and there are 10,000 more pictures on Facebook than can be found in the Library of Congress.

Even more amazing, humanity has taken over four trillion pictures and 10 percent of those were taken in the last year.

We may be taking a lot of pictures, but we’re not always taking good ones.

When you are taking pictures of your kids, you want to make sure they are awesome pictures that will keep you smiling and remembering those years with them.

How do you take awesome pictures though?

Here are some quick tips.

Tips For Taking Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids

Tips For Taking Awesome Pictures Of Your Kids


The first thing to do is to develop a good sense of timing.

Timing is everything when you are taking a picture.

You want the children to be well-rested, happy and excited for the pictures.

The best time to take a picture of a kid is after they have napped, or after they have had a snack.

You can’t always time their funny moments right, but if you are looking for portrait shots, then it is best to follow the belief that when they are rested and fed, they will be more inclined for great photos.


The best thing you can do to get the good photo is to get down to the level of the kids.

You can’t be standing up and shooting down because this will give you a picture that doesn’t look right, nor cute.

Instead, get down to the level of the kids and take a photo straight on.

The photos will turn out much better.


If you are going to start taking pictures of kids, make it fun for them.

Don’t have them just stand there and stare at the camera.

Get them to make silly faces and take a photo.

Crack a joke and get a picture of them laughing.

Let them play around and get pictures of them enjoying their toys, or at a playground.

The great thing about this is that you can get these pictures when they are having fun and they may not even think about you taking the picture, so they will be much more relaxed and the pictures will look much more spontaneous.


One common error when taking pictures of kids is that the child is only a small part of the picture.

This is the wrong way to go.

Instead, you need to fill the frame with the child.

Make sure that the child takes up most of the picture.

It is not about the background, it is about the kid, so make sure they are the main focus of the picture.

On that same note, remove distracting items from the shot will make the picture look a lot better.


Lastly, get the kids to dress up in silly costumes.

It doesn’t always have to be their Sunday best.

Have the kids wear goofy costumes and they will have a lot of fun with the picture taking.

This will in turn get you the great pictures you have been striving to get.

As you head outdoors this Spring, whip out the camera or smartphone and snap away.

Record those moments and focus on what really matters.


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