• Science Sleuths: In the Garden Class

    After an exceptionally fun Book Buddies Class this Monday, I have been diving headfirst into the preparation and planning for the Science Sleuths: In the Garden Class that starts on CurrClick Live on Monday, July 21st.  It’s a 4-week class tailored for younger learners, the 4-8 age range, who are …

    Science Sleuths: In The Garden Class by MamaTeaches Online
  • 7 Free Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

    About mid-way through the summer, I start to hear the whine.  You know it, because it’s the one that demands attention and wants to catapult you into the role of Activities Director.  Unfortunately (for the kids), this is no cruise ship and I am no Activities Director.  Instead, they remain …

    7 Free Summer Boredom Busters for Kids - MamaTeaches.com
  • Dry Erase Board Cleaning Hack

    By the end of the school year our scheduling dry erase board is NASTY.  The dry erase markers won’t budge and there’s so much built up marker on the board.  We almost gave up hope on it a couple of years ago, but then we discovered this awesomely easy and …

    Dry Erase Board Hack
  • 5 Summer Reading Programs for Kids

    I am all for incentivizing reading during the summer months if it means no hassle and no arguments.  After all, homeschool kids are really no different than their public school counterparts when it comes to wanting a break after a long year.  Thankfully, there are plenty of businesses that offer …

    5 Summer Reading Programs for Kids
  • MamaTeaches Online Classes for Kids

    I am so excited to announce the start of MamaTeaches Online classes for kids through CurrClick Live!  As a homeschool mama now for many years, I remember feeling exceptionally frustrated with the lack of class offerings for the younger crowd.  I didn’t want my kids to sit in front of …

    Mama Teaches Online Classes - Summer/Fall 2014
  • 11 Great Summer Read-Aloud Books for Boys

    Even though our boys are on the cusp of their teenage years (insert shudder!), they are adamant about being read to at bedtime.  Every night.  In fact, if they miss a night or there’s a disturbance in the force and we somehow miss reading aloud, it can result in a …

    11 Great Summer Read-Aloud Books for Boys of the Tween Variety - MamaTeaches.com
  • Free Chore Charts for Kids

    Finding the right chore chart for your child can be difficult.  That’s why we have gathered all of our free printable chore charts in one place.  Use them with preschoolers to preteens to help establish responsibility and reward.  Do you have a chore chart request?  Email us and we’ll be …

    Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids
  • 3 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

    Let your child’s imagination run wild this summer! It is the perfect time to create summer crafts like whimsical shirts, beach treasures, and still life art. Here are a few fun summer crafts for kids of all ages that are sure to make the season memorable.

    kids crafts summer beach
  • Handprint 4th of July Wreath Craft

    A few years ago, my best friend and her two children came to visit.  It was around the 4th of July and I wanted to capture the joy of having my BFF in the house, as well as, decorate for the holiday.  We whipped out some sheets of craft foam …

    Mama Teaches - Fourth of July Hand Wreath Craft for Kids
Sundae Sunday - When Ice Cream is About Love ~ MamaTeaches.com

Sundae Sunday

It’s Sundae Sunday here at the Mama Teaches household!  On the first Sunday after the first day of summer, we pile in …