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3 Ways to Make Fractions Fun {Free Printables Included}

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3 Ways to Make Fractions Fun {Free Printables Included}

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They can be the bane of a math student’s existence.

With words like numerators and denominators floating around, it’s hard to make fractions fun.

Here are three ways that have helped bring the fraction concepts to life and made fraction lessons fun.

Make Fractions Fun


We love combining math and cooking in our homeschool lessons.

It’s proven to be a great way for our kids to learn about multiplying fractions and comparing them in general.

One of our favorite lessons is making homemade pizza.

Here’s how we do it:

Materials Needed:
• Pizza Dough
• Pizza Sauce
• Mozzarella Cheese
• Two of your favorite pizza toppings
• Cookie Sheet

1.Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2.Spread the pizza dough out into a rectangle on the cookie sheet.
3.Spread pizza sauce on the WHOLE pizza.
4.Sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on the WHOLE pizza.
5.Put one of the pizza toppings on ONE HALF of the pizza.
6.Put the other pizza topping on the other HALF of the pizza.
7.Bake the pizza until cooked through.
8.Cut the pizza in HALF and then cut it into HALF again. Count the pieces and discuss the fraction.
9.As you dish out each piece of pizza, discuss the fraction of pizza being taken and the fraction that’s left.


Print out these free Fraction BINGO game cards and use M&Ms (or any other type of marker) to mark the fractions as they’re called out.

3 Ways to Make Fractions Fun {Free Printables Included}


Have you figured out that we like using food when we do lessons?

Well, cookie decorating is a lot of fun.

Much like the homemade pizzas, the cookie decorating involves favorite toppings and icing instead of pizza sauce.

We use thin licorice laces to divide the cookies into fourths and then each fourth of the cookie has to be decorated in a unique way.

We then use this sheet to record the cookie and fraction results.

I would highly recommend that you do the cookie decorating fraction lesson only on days when it’s sunny and warm outside and the kids can go out to play.

The cookie toppings and icing can lead to a wee bit of energy.

You have been warned.😉

Be sure to check out my four-week Fractions Fun class on CurrClick LIVE, as well.

I try to offer it toward the middle to end of every semester.

How do you make fractions more fun for your budding mathematicians?

I’d love to hear how you do it!

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