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Family First Summer Activities: Week 5

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Create lasting family memories and strengthen your bond with these simple and inexpensive summer activities for the whole family.

Family First Summer Activities Week 5

Family First Summer

This is the fifth week out of six for the Family First Summer.

By now, you have likely found a rhythm.

Whether you complete an activity every day or just pick and choose a few for each week, you have found what works for your family.

If you are just getting started with the Family First Summer, feel free to start here. The activities can be done in any order.

Week 5 of Family First Summer includes activities such as camping, games, crafting, and movie nights.

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Week 5 Summer Activities

Enjoy this fifth week of the Family First Summer!

Family First Summer Activities Week 5

Day 29: DIY Indoor Camping Night with S’Mores

Outdoor camping is fun, but you have to deal with the possibility of rain and the inevitability of mosquitoes.

Not so with indoor camping!

Hold a DIY indoor camping night. It can be as low-key or full-out as you like.

You can set up a tent indoors for the ultimate experience. Grab some battery-powered lanterns for light.

You can use sleeping bags and actually spend the night in your indoor tent.

Or scale back and skip the tent and just lay out sleeping backs or set up camp chairs.

You could build a fort and use that as a makeshift tent.

Feel free to sleep in your indoor camping spot, or just gather for camping activities and then retreat to your beds.

What are classic camping activities? I’m glad you asked!

You can watch camping-themed movies (like The Parent Trap), tell stories (funny or scary), and play games (like Would You Rather).

Finish off the evening with everyone’s favorite camping snack: S’mores.

You can make s’mores in the oven (or even the microwave). Either way, they are delicious!

Day 30: Have a Family Game Tournament

Spend time together as a family by holding a family game tournament.

The types of games are up to you.

You can play board games. (Check out this list of the best board games for kids.)

Or you can choose more active games, like Minute to Win It-style games.

You could also play outdoor games.

Make your own awards for the Family Game Tournament and hold a mini awards show at the end!

Day 31: Create a Scrapbook of Summer Memories

This is week five of the Family First Summer, so you have four weeks of family activities under your belt.

Make a scrapbook of your Family First Summer. You can leave space for the remaining week and a half.

Although an online scrapbook is certainly an option, the whole family can get involved in creating a scrapbook by hand.

Scrapbooks can get expensive, but you can make a simple, budget-friendly version.

Use a regular three-ring binder and fill it with 8.5×11 colored or decorative paper.

Print your photos, grab some magic markers, print clip art, and use whatever stickers you have on hand.

Give each family member pages to create.

Family First Summer Activities Week 5

Day 32: Outdoor Water Play

Here is a truth universally acknowledged: You are never too old to run through a sprinkler.

Have fun outside with some old-fashioned water play.

Run through sprinklers or shoot each other with water guns. (Check out this family four-pack of water guns.)

You can play relay races with buckets and extra-large sponges.

Have fun and get wet!

Day 33: Make Friendship Bracelets for Each Other

This summer activity for families is a craft and a gift in one.

Don’t be intimidated by friendship bracelets! If you have yard or embroidery floss, you can make any one of these seven easy friendship bracelets.

If you have young children, they may find stringing pony beads easier than braiding. (This kit comes with everything you need.)

Does your family like to use essential oils? Try this diffuser bracelet craft. (Note: you will need lava beads for this craft.)

Day 34: Family Movie Marathon

It’s time for a family movie marathon!

You can take individual requests from each member of the family.

You can also agree to watch a well-loved series franchise (such as Toy Story, Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda, or Star Wars).

Pop some popcorn and set out movie snacks for an all-day or into-the-night family movie marathon.

Family First Summer Activities Week 5

Day 35: Build a Cardboard Box Castle or Spaceship

This is more than a craft; it can be an engineering challenge!

Start with the largest box you can get your hands on (you can call around to appliance stores).

Extra large boxes are great for castles or spaceships you can climb into.

As an alternative, you can approach this challenge like you are making a gingerbread house.

Use smaller boxes and decorate a miniature spaceship or castle.

Week 5 of Family Summer Activities

Don’t let another summer slip away!

Create lasting family memories with this list of daily summer activities.

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