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How to Help with Homework

However, knowing how to help with homework (and not overstep!) is something that I’m still working on. It’s not as easy as you might think! In fact, you might be struggling with the same thing! Some students have no problem completing at home assignments while others need a little extra help. To ensure your children continue learning …

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Free Homework Checklist Printable

This free homework checklist printable is the perfect way to stay on track and not miss assignments! It’s the one we use and that’s worked best for our three kids. Free Homework Checklist Printable I started seeing the need for a homework checklist by the second week of school. We’d go through the same dance each afternoon …

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Overcoming New School First Day of School Jitters

It was their choice and while they’re definitely excited, they’re understandably nervous. We’ve been trying to make sure that we counterbalance that nervousness about starting a new school with lots of listening and answering questions they might have. Even though a lot of the “back to school” books are really geared toward kindergarteners, I can …

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