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Different Ways to Track Attendance for Homeschool

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How do you keep track of homeschool attendance? You have a host of options, so choose the best fit for you.

Different Ways to Track Attendance for Homeschool

Why Is It Important to Keep Track of Homeschool Attendance

How do you not attend homeschool? You’re home, aren’t you?

Seriously, there are several reasons why you need to keep track of the days you “do school” with your children.

State Requirements

States differ widely in their requirements for homeschooling.

Many require a homeschool attendance record to prove that you are schooling your children for 180 days per year.

You may need to turn in your attendance record yearly (or even monthly) to maintain your homeschool status.

Umbrella School Requirements

If you homeschool under an umbrella school (which means your child is technically private schooled at home), this school may require attendance records.

Evidence of Homeschooling

Although some states do not require regularly submitted homeschool attendance records, they reserve the right to request them.

If your homeschool comes under scrutiny, your homeschool attendance record is essential evidence to prove you are schooling your child.

Reinforcement of Transcript

If your child transitions to a traditional school, the school may ask to see your records.

Your homeschool attendance proves your child has spent the appropriate time in each grade.

Different Ways to Track Attendance for Homeschool

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What Can You Count as a Homeschool Day?

Homeschool days are often shorter than traditional school days since homeschooling is a much more efficient way to educate.

Your homeschool day does not need to be a minimum number of hours (unless your state requires it).

It just needs to be a day spent partly in service of education. This could include:

  • Formal instruction
  • Independent reading
  • Nature walks
  • Educational field trips
  • Physical education
  • Music practice
  • Art time
  • Science investigation or experiments
Different Ways to Track Attendance for Homeschool

Different Ways to Track Homeschool Attendance

If your state requires you to track homeschool attendance, they may have a specific method they prefer.

Make sure you check with your local homeschool office to ensure you are abiding by their guidelines.

That being said, many states allow a variety of methods. So choose the one that suits you best!

Phone Calendar

You always have your phone, so why not keep track of the days you homeschool?

You could use a simple notation like “HD” on every day you homeschool.

If you want to go more in-depth, describe your day in the “Notes” section of your calendar event.

Alternatively, if you typically homeschool Monday through Friday, you could make a notation when you don’t homeschool.

Basic Attendance Sheet

Taking attendance can be as simple as a form with a date and checkbox.

Keep this form easily accessible, like in your planner or on a centralized corkboard or whiteboard.

Lesson Planner

If you use a homeschool planner or even a teacher planner, it may have a section for attendance. Just use that!

Another option is to use a grade book like this one with a section for attendance and grades.

Notebook (Reverse Tracking)

Instead of keeping a lesson plan with all you intend to do, keep an attendance notebook with a record of all you accomplished.

At the end of the homeschool day, write an entry with the date and what assignments and subjects your child completed.

Not only does this serve as a homeschool attendance sheet, but it also allows you to see your child’s progress across the year.

Online Record Keeping

Many homeschoolers like online record keeping (such as sites like

This organizes your subjects, lists your curricula, allows you to calculate grades, and gives you space for lesson planning.

It also has a setting for tracking attendance.

Different Ways to Track Attendance for Homeschool

Keeping Track of Homeschool Attendance

With all these options for keeping track of homeschool attendance, you will surely find one that suits you.

Whether you prefer an electronic or paper option, there is a homeschool attendance tracker that is right for you.

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