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Father’s Day Crafts Dad Will Love

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Father’s Day Crafts Dad Will Love

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Want to give Dad something a little bit out of the ordinary this Father’s Day? 

Here are three crafts that will not only get your kids’ creative juices flowing, but they might actually be something Dad will appreciate and really USE!

Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Father’s Day Crafts Dad Will Love

Car Visor Framed Picture

If your dad spends a lot of time in his vehicle going to and from work each day, this gift will be perfect for him. 

Every time he lowers his visor, he will be greeted with your smiling face as a reminder of your love.

Items needed**:**

  • Duct tape, 4”x6” piece of cardboard
  • 3”x5” picture
  • two small sections of adhesive Velcro
  • embellishments like additional colored duct tape or markers (optional)
Father’s Day Crafts Dad Will Love


  1. Cover all sides of the cardboard by adhering duct tape to each edge and folding it over to the back.
  2. When Dad’s not looking, measure the width of his car’s visor.
  3. Now cut two long strips of duct tape one inch longer than double the width of the car visor.  (Example: If the width of the visor is 6 inches, make your duct tape strips 13 inches long.  6 x 2 + 1 = 13)
  4. Lay the strips parallel to each other adhesive side up.  Place the cardboard in the middle of the two strips so that it is resting on each piece of tape.  Fold the tape over itself so it covers the sides and makes two long tabs.
  5. Stick the Velcro to the ends of the tabs so that they can be attached around the visor.
  6. Tape your picture to the front of the cardboard and embellish with a different color tape or markers.

Now Dad can have a picture of the family to see during his next long commute!

Remote/Spice/Paper/Anything Caddy

This craft is versatile in that it can hold just about anything. 

It’s perfect for all different kinds of dads – gamers, chefs, businessmen… you name it! 

You can customize it to fit your dad’s hobbies however you see fit.

Father’s Day Crafts Dad Will Love

Items needed:

  • Empty cereal or cracker box
  • marker
  • ruler
  • duct tape
  • embellishments like additional colored tape or markers
  • imagination


  1. Using your ruler, draw a line across the front of your cereal or cracker box that is 4” from the bottom. 
  2. Flip the box over and draw a line across the back that is 4” from the top. 
  3. Turn the box on its side edge and connect the ends of the lines to make a diagonal line.  Use these lines to carefully cut the box into two pieces.
  4. Place the two high edges together and tape the two box pieces so they make a caddy. 
  5. Decorate it however you would like and fill with Dad’s favorite things!

Gamer Dads might like to use it for game controllers.

Dads who like to cook may use it as a spice caddy.

Office working dads might use it to organize their small papers and pens.

You could even put a Fathers Day coupon book in it before you hand it over to dad!

Phone Charger Stand

This charger stand may be just what Dad needs to help organize his work area (or just clean up the kitchen counter!).

You can customize the charger stand to fit any type of phone. 

This one, in particular, fits an iPhone perfectly.

Father’s Day Crafts Dad Will Love

Items needed:

  • 4”x4” cardboard craft box with a lid
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors or box cutter (with adult supervision, of course!)
  • decorations (optional)

Instructions- This one requires a little bit of help from an adult**:**

  1. Using the pencil and ruler, draw a 3” x2 ½” rectangle in the middle of the box lid.
  2. Using the marks that you have drawn, have an adult cut both 3” slits and one 2 ½” slit – leaving the other 2 ½” side of the rectangle intact. 
  3. Push the piece downward into the box to make a crease.  
  4. Then moving one inch up from the crease, fold the tab upward. 
  5. Cut a small slit in the bottom one inch of the folded tab for the phone charger cord to fit through.
  6. Have an adult then make a small hole on the lower portion of the box’s back side for the charger cord to exit.
  7. Now you can do the rest!  Decorate the box using markers or whatever you think your dad would like.  Once you are done, place the charger cord inside the box.  Run the side that goes into an outlet out the back.  Then run the side that plugs into the phone through the slit on the lid of the box.

Now Dad can place his phone in a nice neat charger stand that YOU made!

No matter what you make him, Dad is sure to love anything made with love!


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