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Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

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Discover fascinating fun facts about Valentine’s Day!

Fun Facts About Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate the act of loving. 

On this special holiday, we express our affection for those we care for in a number of ways.

We can show love on Valentine’s Day through cards, gifts, and various acts of kindness.

Do you know how Valentine’s Day all started?

Below, we’ll share this fun fact, as well as some other exciting tidbits about Valentine’s Day.

Let’s go!

Fun Facts About Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day Facts

Valentine’s Day Began as a Festival

Valentine’s Day has a history that dates back to ancient times. 

It began as Lupercalia, a Roman festival celebrated in mid-February. 

During this festival, young men would draw the names of young women in a lottery.

Whoever they picked, would be their partner for the duration of the festival. 

This tradition eventually evolved into the holiday that we know of today.

Saint Valentine is a Mystery

One of the most interesting aspects of Valentine’s Day is that of Saint Valentine. 

There are several legends and stories about who St. Valentine actually was. 

Some believe he was a Roman priest who secretly performed weddings for soldiers.

Others say he was a prisoner who sent the first Valentine’s Day card to a young girl he loved. 

The truth remains a delightful mystery.

In any case, we remember St. Valentine as a patron of lovers.

And, every year on Valentine’s Day, we honor his selfless acts of love and kindness.

Fun Facts About Valentines Day

Cards and Love Notes are Popular Valentines

One of the most cherished traditions of Valentine’s Day is exchanging cards and love notes. 

Did you know that the first mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards began in 1840?

A Boston artist, Esther A. Howland, was responsible for popularizing love cards in America.

Today, there are over 145 Million greeting cards sent to loved ones each year.

Do you know who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards every year?

If you guessed teachers, you are correct!

Print out these fun and free Valentine’s Day cards for your favorite people!

Flowers are Common Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gift-giving is a significant part of Valentine’s Day, and flowers are number one. 

Can you believe that people gift over 2 billion dollars of flowers every Valentine’s Day?

That’s a lot of money and a lot of flowers!

In fact, more than 250 million roses grow each year just for Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that red roses, in particular, are the “flower of love”?

This is because the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus, loved the red rose.

Fun Facts About Valentines Day

Chocolate is a Valentine’s Token of Love

Chocolate has a long history with love, romance, and Valentine’s Day. 

In ancient times, this sweet treat was commonly used in rituals and given as gifts between lovers.

Now, giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a popular tradition.

It’s easy to give and to share, especially when it’s in heart-shaped packaging!

Did you know that people buy over 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes every year?

In fact, the first heart-shaped Valentine’s Day box was created in 1861 by Richard Cadbury. 

This is the same box of chocolates that we often buy as Valentine’s day gifts today.

Cupid was a Valentine’s Day God

The legend of Cupid dates to 700 B.C. 

His name was Eros and he was the Greek God of Love.

Legend has it that Cupid would shoot his arrow into people’s hearts.

This act is what would make two people fall in love!

Can you imagine?

Fun Facts About Valentines Day

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a day filled with love, history, and traditions. 

From handwritten love notes to the colorful exchange of gifts, this holiday is a delight.

It’s a wonderful time to appreciate all of the love and friendship that surround you.

These charming fun facts show just how incredible Valentine’s Day truly is.

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