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Valentine’s Day Activities

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Valentine’s Day can mean more than extra sugar.

Infuse the school day with these Valentine’s day activities.

Valentine's Day Activities

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Valentine’s Day Lesson Ideas

Themed lessons are enjoyable for teachers and students alike.

They freshen up the subjects and add whimsy to the day.

Try some of these Valentine’s activities to sweeten each subject!

But before you do, start the celebrations off with some Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids!

They’re the perfect ice-breakers for kids of all ages!

Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Math easily adapts to a Valentine’s Day theme when you have the right supplies.

Here are some fantastic Valentine’s Day options:

Patterning Boom CardsTM

Figure out patterns and sequences with colorful conversation hearts.

These work well with little learners (K4-2nd).

You can choose a digital or print option.

Bar Graph Boom CardsTM 

These pink and purple bar graphs are perfect for K-3rd grade.

Use the digital version or print them out.

Valentine’s Day Secret Code Activity

Grab the FREE Valentine’s Secret Code activity from the Freebies Library (it’s in the Holidays section)!

It’s a fun and easy way to bring a bit of math and coding to your holiday activities!


Grab the Valentine’s Day Secret Coding Worksheets in the Freebies Library!

Addition and Subtraction Math Puzzles

Print and cut out these little heart-shaped puzzles.

Mend the broken hearts by pairing the math fact with its answer.

Multiplication and Division Math Puzzles

These heart puzzles are ideal for older students who need practice drilling their multiplication and division facts. 

Valentine’s Color by Number

This two-page set comes with a traditional color-by-number and an addition color by number. 

Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Science Activities

Pick an on-theme lesson related to Valentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas:

  • The Structure of the Heart (how it’s a muscle with chambers)
  • Valentine’s Day Animal Study (consider those that mate for life, like beavers, gray wolves, bald eagles, seahorses, and swans)
  • The Science of Chocolate

Valentine’s Day Lesson Ideas for History 

Design an engaging history lesson around one of these ideas:

  • History of Valentine’s Day (facts, origins, and traditions)
  • History of Chocolate (it goes all the way back to the Mayans)
  • Greek/Roman mythology (stories about Venus and Cupid)
Valentine's Day Activities

Reading on Valentine’s Day

There are heaps of wonderful books about Valentine’s Day.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Day It Rained Hearts 

Cornelia Augusta caught some hearts that rained from the sky, and now she can give them to all her animal friends.

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

Irrepressible Junie B. is shocked to receive a mushy, gushy Valentine.

Who gave it to her?

Can she solve this mystery?

The Invisible String 

This sweet story reminds kids that they are connected to their loved ones with an invisible but unbreakable string of love. 

The Biggest Valentine Ever 

Clayton and Desmond are two mice who like to compete.

Who will make the biggest and best Valentine for the teacher?

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

The Little Blue Truck gives away a lot of Valentines to his friends, but will anyone think to give him one?

Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities for Writing

What can you do for writing on Valentine’s Day?

It’s simpler than you think!

Heart Shape Poem

Shape poems are literally written in a shape.

Give children a cardstock heart and have them write a poem around the edges.

The prompt can be to describe someone or something you love. 

Journal Writing

Would you rather questions make fantastic writing prompts.

This set of Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions are all themed for Valentine’s Day.

You could use some for a writing prompt and others for attendance questions or party activities.

Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Lessons

Make the school day special with these Valentine’s Day activities and lesson ideas.

Going the extra mile to plan a Valentine’s-themed day can be your gift to your kids.

(Just make sure to give them some chocolate, too!)

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