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50 Growth Mindset Quotes to Encourage Kids

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Focus kids’ attention on the power of a growth mindset with these 50 growth mindset quotes.

They’re the perfect way to move from a fixed mindset that limits potential and possibilities to a growth mindset that encourages effort and perseverance.

50 Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids

Growth Mindset Quotes to Encourage Kids

  1. Be positive
  2. ~~impossible~~ I’m possible
  3. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. – Tony Robbins
  4. Smart is something you become, not something you are.
  5. All things are difficult before they are easy.
  6. Don’t go through life grow through life.
  7. I can do hard things.
  8. It’s okay to not know, it’s not okay to not try.
  9. Believe in yourself.
  10. Think positive and positive things will happen
  11. Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.
  12. We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.
  13. Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.
  14. The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking chances.
  15. The most beautiful satisfaction in the world is when someone appreciates your work.
  16. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. – Albert Einstein
  17. Not all who wander are lost.
  18. Don’t underestimate me I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.
  19. The quieter you become the more you can hear. – Ram Dass
  20. Don’t watch the clock; do what it does keep going. – Sam Levenson
  21. An expert at anything was once a beginner.
  22. Shoot for the stars!
  23. Every mistake you make is progress.
  24. Everything new takes time to learn.
  25. Just do it!
50 Growth Mindset Quotes to Encourage Kids and Adults

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More Growth Mindset Quotes to Inspire Kids

  1. Aim to be better than you were yesterday.
  2. Choose the challenges.
  3. Think about what can go right, not what can go wrong.
  4. Failure isn’t fatal.
  5. Learning can get messy.
  6. Made a mistake? Try again.
  7. Just keep walking in your own lane.
  8. If plan A doesn’t work there are 25 more letters.
  9. Strive for progress, not perfection.
  10. You can train your brain to figure it out.
  11. If you believe you can succeed, you will with practice.
  12. I have a growth mindset that helps me learn.
  13. Just because you haven’t found your talent doesn’t mean you don’t have one. – Kermit The Frog
  14. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
  15. If at first, you don’t succeed you’re normal. – Kid President
  16. What you think you become. Buddha
  17. Progress is impossible without change.
  18. Bring it on.
  19. Practice makes progress.
  20. Embrace the challenge.
  21. Failure does not define you.
  22. A good attitude is contagious! Spread it around!
  23. Embrace the challenge.
  24. Pursue your happiness!
  25. Doubt kills dreams. Keep believing.
50 Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids

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