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Growth Mindset Activities

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Growth Mindset Activities

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Helping children to unlock their potential is not a task to take lightly.

Encouraging growth mindset for kids is such an important piece of their growth and education process.

In order to get kids on the right path, finding good growth mindset activities will help them understand that they are capable of more than “natural” intelligence and that hard work and effort pays off in the long run.

What is Growth Mindset

Before you begin to explore the many growth mindset activities available, it is important to understand exactly what growth mindset it.

When comparing fixed vs growth mindset, which are the two main sets of beliefs about learning, you’ll see they are polar opposites.

With fixed mindset, a person believes that intelligence is decided at birth and not everyone has the capacity to learn beyond a set point.

Whereas the difference with what is growth mindset, the belief is that people are not limited by a born intelligence, but instead can unlock additional potential through hard work.

Naturally, those with growth mindset are better prepared to succeed and aren’t afraid of the mistakes that may come within the learning process.

Growth Mindset Activities

Many look to class dojo growth mindset style apps or search for a growth mindset video to help reinforce the concept.

These are great starting points to help demonstrate fixed vs growth mindset or encourage growth mindset for kids.

Here are just a few of our favorites activities.

Growth Mindset for Kids

Class Dojo Growth Mindset App

This is a popular app used in classrooms.

Teachers can assign points for participation, homework completion, preparedness, and other effort-based accomplishments to recognize these achievements.

Goal Setting Activities

When developing growth mindset for kids, talking with them about their goals and helping them find an actionable and achievable plan to reach them.

This can be done as a group project or on an individual basis with each child.

Growth Mindset Activities Worksheets

You can find free printables through sites like etsy or search Teachers Pay Teachers for some great worksheets that will help students understand fixed vs growth mindset and how they can open their mind to achieve even more.

Growth Mindset Activities

Growth Mindset Activities for Parents and Teachers

Growth Mindset Video Lessons

In order to learn the techniques required to reinforce the belief in children that they are only limited by their own goals, search YouTube for some simple video lessons to view.

Take an Online Growth Mindset Class

There are a number of online curriculums that help parents, teachers, and those who work with children to learn how to encourage growth mindset and develop their own views on learning.

Growth mindset activities are a great way to help kids understand what is growth mindset and why fixed vs growth mindset is important.

Working together to create an atmosphere where children feel empowered to learn and that their efforts are appreciated will give them the tools that they need to aim for the stars and reach them.

More Growth Mindset Resources:

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