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How to Make Backpack Tags for School and Sports

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How to Make Backpack Tags

There are only so many different types of backpacks out there and with the start of school, chances are that someone else is going to have the exact same backpack as your child. Visions of someone else’s child’s half-eaten lunch and smelly gym clothes can make any parent want to start labeling everything – and fast! Instead of worrying that your child will accidentally bring home someone else’s bag, create easy backpack tags to help hers stand out from the crowd.


  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Manila File Folder or Poster Board
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Large Paint Chip Card (We found ours at a large super center in the paint department.)
  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Jump Ring
  • Hole Punch


1.Carefully trim the paint chip card to remove the name of the paint color on the end.

2.Trace the shape of the paint card on the manila folder and cut it out.

3.Using the scrapbook paper, decorate the paint chip with colorful scraps and print your child’s name on the front of the card.

4.Glue the paint card to the manila folder for added durability.

5.On the back of the tag, write your child’s name and homeroom number or sports team, depending on the intended bag’s use.

6.Cover the tag in clear contact paper, front and back. Leave about 1/4″ contact paper edge around the perimeter of the tag to ensure it does not come apart.

7.Punch a hole in one end of the tag and hook a jump ring through it.

8.Attach it to the backpack or gym bag and your child is ready to go!

Share with your friends!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.