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I Hate Homeschooling

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Do you hate homeschooling?

You’re not alone.

I hate homeschooling. Why homeschool is awful right now for so many parents around the world and how we can make it better.

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“It’s been two days and I absolutely hate homeschooling. Why would someone ever choose to do this?!”

When I got the text from my best friend I laughed a little and then felt instantly sorry for her.

What so many parents are being forced into right now is a distorted, horrible type of homeschooling that no one would voluntarily choose.

And that is perhaps the key to why so many are struggling.

Every homeschooling family I knew before March 1, 2020 had made the conscious decision to teach their kids at home because it was the best decision for their family.

Whether it was because of religious beliefs, educational concerns, or just a desire to home educate, the decision was always made after a lot of thought and consideration.

This new wave of remote learning/homeschooling/virtual education has not been by choice.

And, quite frankly, that stinks.

Not only is it awful for parents who are suddenly thrust into the role of being their child’s teacher, but it’s awful for kids who are forced to adjust to a completely different way of learning.

No wonder so many parents are struggling and secretly (or not so secretly) despise homeschooling.

I would hate homeschooling too.

My heart goes out to you.


This is not something you signed up for and it’s not something your kids signed up for.

Not having a choice and then being reminded of that day after day when you struggle to get your kids to actually complete work that you may or may not know how to help them with is excruciating.

None of this is fair.

And none of what you’re experiencing is what homeschooling is all about.

I hate homeschooling. Why homeschool is awful right now for so many parents around the world and how we can make it better.

Homeschooling is about choice.

It’s about choosing to educate your kids, picking curriculum that you think they’ll fall in love with, creating a routine and schedule that’s more relaxed than forced, and adjusting life to fit your homeschool.

What you’re experiencing right now isn’t that. At all.

It’s okay to hate homeschooling.

I’ve given a lot of thought over the last week and a half (that’s felt like three years of stress rolled into 10 days) about how I can help.

What I can say or do to help ease some of this stress for you.

Because my heart hurts for all of the families who are faced with this new reality that doesn’t fit with their lifestyle or beliefs at all.

I wish I could make it magically go away and make things go back to normal for you.

For all of us.

Here’s my advice…

Show yourself and your child grace.

This is new and scary and frustrating and maybe even the farthest thing from fun you’ve ever experienced.

It’s probably the same for your child.

This new remote learning/virtual education/homeschooling reality doesn’t have to be perfect.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend 8 hours a day doing worksheets and being a taskmaster – all while fitting in your own 8-hour workday with obligations and conference calls.

It means you do the best you can with what you have.

You give it your all.

Even if your all on some days is just sitting on the couch snuggling with your child and watching a movie.

I hate homeschooling. A new reality for parents as distance learning unfolds.

It’s going to be okay.

You’re going to be okay.

Your child is going to be okay.

And homeschooling isn’t going to last forever unless you want it to and choose to continue after restrictions are lifted.

You may hate homeschooling now and I don’t blame you.

I’d hate it too if I was in your shoes.

But those of us who have been homeschooling for a long time are here to help you.

We care and we want to help ease the burden.

So, reach out. Ask for help.

Email me.

Tell me what you need.

Let those of us who have been navigating home education for years be a light for you.

Because we’re all in this together and there’s no doubt that we will be stronger when it’s over.

Stay well, friends.

Resources for new homeschooling parents:

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