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Printable Travel Journal for Kids

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Are you taking a family trip? Make memories that last with this FREE printable travel journal for kids.

travel journal for kids

Why Kids Should Keep a Travel Journal

Family trips are often the most memorable childhood experiences.

You can take photos from the trip and make a book; that is one way to capture the experience.

But what was the trip like from your child’s point of view?

You can find out by having them fill out a travel journal for kids.

The journal lets kids record their favorite experiences, food, and travel companions.

They can even chart the weather and rate the trip!

kids' travel journal printable

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Young Kids Journal for Trips and Adventures

Tweens and teens can keep a traditional journal, but younger children aren’t ready for a journal of that scale (especially if it involves a lot of writing).

The best travel journal for kids has space for the kids to color, draw, and write.

If the child is too young to write, you can transcribe for them.

The journal should be short and sweet (so they can fill it out on the car or plane ride home).

The ideal travel journal for kids is one page and largely fill-in-the-blank.

Where to Find a Free Printable Travel Journal for Kids

You can find a FREE printable travel journal right here!

It has multiple sections.

At the top, the child prints their name, the trip location, and the trip dates. You can fill this part out for the child if needed.

Then, the child can color or circle the mode of transportation: car, train, plane, bus, or ship.

They can do the same for where they stayed: hotel, house, ship, camper, or tent.

There is also a spot to circle the weather for the trip. Was it sunny, snowy, stormy, etc.?

The bottom section has spaces for drawing and labeling their favorite meal, favorite day, and travel buddies.

At the bottom, the child can color stars to rate the trip.

You can download this fun and free printable travel journal for kids below.

printable travel journal for kids

How to Use the Printable Kids Travel Journal

Your child can complete the printable journal on the way home from the trip or when they return.

You want the memories to be fresh!

All you need is a copy of the printable travel for kids and some crayons.

Since you need so little, it is easy to pack for the trip (bring an extra copy in case your child wants to redo something).

You can save the kids’ travel journal in a binder and add other pages when you take future trips.

You can also add it to your trip’s scrapbook or photobook (you can scan the completed version).

This fun and free printable will become a treasured memento. It records the trip from your child’s eyes!

printable travel journal for kids

Quick and Easy Kids’ Travel Journal

If you want your kids to keep a travel journal, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy journal.

Chances are, those journals are too demanding for young children to fill out anyway.

Simply download the free copy of this printable travel journal for kids.

Print out a copy or two and pack some crayons.

Just like that, you have all you need for your child to record their impressions from your family trip.

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