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Spirit Week Ideas

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Are you looking for Spirit Week ideas?

You’ve hit the jackpot!

This list can enliven your school or your homeschool.

Spirit Week Ideas

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The Benefits of Spirit Week

Never underestimate the power of changing it up.

If your students are stuck-in-the-muck and the school year has lost its novelty, inject some excitement with Spirit Week!

Spirit Week is a chance for kids to exercise some creativity and have fun at school.

Will they still have to take science tests, read books, and work on a history project?


But during Spirit Week, school has a special magic.

Kids love to dress up and express themselves.

Spirit Week is not just for the traditional school.

Your homeschooled kids will undoubtedly appreciate the chance to wear all kinds of flannel, dress as a historical character, or don their favorite team jersey.

Spirit Week Ideas

50 Spirit Week Ideas

With all these ideas, you could plan a whole Spirit Month!

Tie-Dye Day

Everyone wear their favorite tie-dye shirt or apparel.

Favorite Flannel Day

Spend a cozy day dressed in your favorite flannel wear.

Neon Day

The day is bright!

Wear your brightest colors: neon!

School Colors Day

Nothing screams “Spirit Week” like wearing the school colors.

Class Color Day

Assign each class a color to wear.

Then take a school pic!

Name That Color Day

Pick a color of the day and have the whole school wear it.

Spirit Week Ideas

Teacher Day

Dress like your favorite teacher!

Fairy Tale Day

From Cinderella to Jack and the Beanstalk, dress as your favorite fairy tale character.

Historical Figure Day

Dress like a character from history (you can even couple this with an oral report or project).

Book Character Day

What is your favorite book character?

Dress just like them!

Favorite Cartoon Character Day

This one requires some creativity for sure.

Dress like your favorite cartoon character (I call Pikachu!).

Disney Day

Disney movies have a host of awesome characters to choose from: the classic fairy tales, Pirates of the Carribean, and Star Wars to name a few!

Animal Day

Dress like your favorite animal; you can even include the invertebrates!

Fruit and Veggies Day

Who’s hungry?

Dress like your favorite fruit or vegetable.

Spirit Week Ideas

Emoji Face Day

Pick your favorite emoji face and wear it as a mask or on a T-shirt.

80s Day

From legwarmers to acid-washed jeans to everything neon, the 80s has a host of fashion trends kids will love to imitate!

50s Day

The fifties have poodle skirts, white T-shirts with rolled sleeves, slick-backed hair, and bouncy ponytails. What’s not to love?

90s Day

The nineties were all about grunge, baby tees, scrunchies, and combat boots. Kids find 90s fashion hilarious!

Western Day

Students will love wearing flannel, jeans, boots, and bandanas.

Twin Day

Dress exactly like someone else on twin day (or triplet day).

Spirit Week Ideas

College Day

What is your favorite college?

Wear their school logo or don their school colors.

Anything But a Backpack Day

On this day, backpacks aren’t allowed.

Bring roller luggage, grocery bags, or blankets to carry your school stuff.

Messy Monday

Do you want an excuse to wear dirty clothes?

Now is your chance!

Don’t forget the bedhead!

Wacky Wednesday or Wacky Tacky Day

Wear your most mismatched outfit today.

Plaid and polka dots?

You bet!

Hat (and Sunglasses) Day

This simple Spirit Week idea involves wearing your favorite hat (and potentially adding sunglasses).

Pajama Day

Pajama day is the best because you can roll out of bed and you are ready to go!

Crazy Sock Day

Wear your wildest pair of socks (or wear a mismatched pair).

Spirit Week Ideas

Hawaiian/Beach Day

Everyone will be super chill in their Hawaiian shirts and beachwear.

Crazy Hair Day

Get out the gel, the hairspray, and the color spray.

It’s time for crazy hair day!

Meme Day

The one is hilarious (and a big hit with high schoolers)!

Dress as your favorite meme.

Farm Day

You can dress as a farmer, a farm animal, a fruit or veggie, or a scarecrow.

Dress for the Job You Want Day

Your school will be filled with doctors, construction workers, chefs, and maybe even the President of the United States!

Celebrity Day

Dress as your favorite celebrity.

Safari Day

Put on a hat, carry binoculars or a camera, and wear hiking gear.

It’s time to go on a safari!

Spirit Week Ideas

Aliens Versus Men in Black Day

Let the kids choose.

Would they like to dress as an alien or a super-smooth member of the MIB?

Country Versus City Day

Let your students choose if they want to dress as a country bumpkin or a city slicker.

Rock Star Day

Get ready to rock out dressed as a punk rocker, a pop diva, a rapper, or a country star.

America Day

Wear red, white, and blue to celebrate our country!

Formal Day

Formal wear isn’t just for dances!

Wear your classiest duds during Spirit Week!

Ties and Tutus Day

You can choose: do you want to wear a tie or a tutu?

Backward Day

Backward day is a chance to wear your regular clothes the other way around.

Spirit Week Ideas

Inside Out Day

Let the tags hang out on inside out day!

Old Person Day

It’s pretty funny to see young kids dressed as old people!

Parent Day

How do kids think parents dress?

You are about to find out!

Fall Shirt Day

From fall colors to fall sayings to cozy flannels, everyone has a favorite fall shirt.

Workout Gear Day

Wear your favorite clothes for exercising on workout gear day.

Dress for the sport of your choice!

Pirate Day

Arrrr matey!

Dress like a pirate with ripped clothes and eye patches!

Superhero Day

From DC ot Marvel, kids can dress as their favorite superhero (or design their own!).

Spirit Week Ideas

Polka Dot Day

Have a spotty dotty day during Spirit Week.

Mustache Day

All you need for this day is a stick-on mustache.

The class photo op is amazing!

The Best Spirit Week Ideas

With this list of 50 Spirit Week Ideas, you are sure to inject some much-needed fun into your school week.

So pick a few and let the creativity and fun ensue!

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