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Christmas Drawing Prompts

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Unwrap your child’s creativity with these Christmas drawing prompts. Drawing has never been more festive and interactive!

Christmas Drawing Prompts

The Benefits of Drawing

We all know that drawing has numerous benefits.

It develops fine motor skills–the same ones your child needs for gripping a pencil and writing.

Drawing is an exercise in creativity. But unlike other creative endeavors, it is mess-free.

You only need a few supplies to draw: paper and a pencil (you can add crayons if you want some color).

What Is Interactive Drawing?

Interactive drawing takes two people; while drawing, they have a conversation (they interact!).

The drawing prompt provides the background (say, Santa’s workshop).

The two people must create the items in the foreground.

One person might choose to draw an elf.

The other might draw a line of toys on a shelf.

Perhaps Santa has a golden retriever that’s loose in the workshop! All ideas are welcome.

The two people decide what to put in the scene.

The two artists can bounce ideas off one another and create a masterpiece together.


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The Benefits of Interactive Drawing Prompts

Some children love to draw. You can give them a choice of activities, and they will opt to draw to entertain themselves.

Others take more convincing.

They may prefer activities that are more social or active.

Interactive drawing appeals to more children because it involves a conversation.

Children are more likely to try new things if they are doing so in a group.

Drawing prompts also give the child a dose of inspiration.

If you have a prompt, it is much easier to think of what to draw.

When you take away the blank page and give a child an idea, they will take it and run with it!

What Are Christmas Drawing Prompts?

Christmas drawing prompts are a collection of six holiday scenes.

Each one has space to add characters or elements.

The six scenes include:

  • Christmas dinner plate
  • Santa’s sleigh on a rooftop
  • Christmas Eve by the fireplace
  • Gingerbread house in the snow
  • Nativity stable
  • Santa’s workshop

At the bottom of each page, there is a spot for both artists to sign their names.

Christmas drawing scenes

How to Use Christmas Drawing Prompts

This activity is perfect for an adult and a child to do together.

It also works well as a duo activity for two children.

You can also use the prompts as a solo activity for one child.

You can use this activity in school as an early finishing activity, a center activity, or a brain break.

If the whole class completes the activity, you can create a bulletin board around the theme. For example, “Look What’s Happening in Santa’s Workshop…”

You can also use Christmas Drawing Prompts at home.

It is the perfect activity for family members to complete together (especially if you have relatives visiting).

You can also work on a drawing together after dinner, where each person at the table adds an element.

How to Get Christmas Drawing Prompts

Would you like to try the Christmas Drawing Prompts? You can download a FREE sample right here!

You can get the complete bundle of 6 Christmas Drawing Prompts in our shop or by clicking below!

Just click, print, and draw together!

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