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Fun Facts About Hawaii

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Does the state of Hawaii interest you? 

Join us as we learn some fun facts about Hawaii!

Hawaii became the 50th state to join the union in 1959. 

It is the only state that is made up of a group of islands.

In fact, it is the largest island chain in the world. 

The islands that make up the state of Hawaii are actually volcanic islands.

Hawaii is known for its incredible volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and tropical rainforests. 

Fun Facts About Hawaii

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Sometimes, Hawaii is called the Aloha State, and with good reason. 

Aloha means both hello and goodbye in the Hawaiian language.  

Hawaii sounds pretty amazing! 

Let’s discover more interesting facts! 

Interesting Hawaii Facts 

Hawaii Has Its Own Alphabet

It wasn’t until about the year 1820, that the Hawaiian language was adapted into a written language. 

Western missionaries created the written Hawaiian alphabet by using English letters. 

There are 8 consonants (H, K, L, M, N, P, W, ‘Okina), and 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, U). 

That’s an alphabet with only 12 letters!    

The Only Royal Building on American Soil is in Hawaii

In 1882, the Iolani Palace was built by the last Hawaiian king, King Kalakaua. 

After King Kalakaua, the palace continued to be a royal residence to his sister (and successor) until 1893, when she was overthrown. 

At that time, the palace became a government capital building. 

Today, the Iolani Palace is a National Historic Landmark where locals and visitors alike can tour and step back in time and see the only royal building in America.

Hawaii Has Its Own Time Zone

Hawaii observes its own time zone known as The Hawaiian Standard Time Zone (HST). 

There is also no daylight savings time in Hawaii. 


Fun Facts About Hawaii

⅓ of the World’s Pineapples Come From Hawaii

Originally, pineapples found their way to Hawaii all the way from South America. 

By the 1960s, Hawaii was producing over 80% of the world’s canned pineapple. 

Today, pineapples are grown cheaper elsewhere, so the Aloha State isn’t the top pineapple producer.

However, Hawaii still supplies about 1/3 of the entire world’s pineapples, which is still a lot of pineapples.

Hawaii is the Only US State that Grows Coffee Beans

Grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, is Kona Coffee. 

Hawaii is the only US state that lies on the “coffee belt”. 

This is a region where the temperatures are warm enough to grow and harvest coffee beans. 

Hawaiian-grown coffee is mild, smooth, and is the only American-grown coffee!

Coconuts Can Be Mailed in Hawaii

Mailing a coconut is quite the norm in Hawaii. 

What makes this interesting though, is that it doesn’t need to be wrapped or put in a box to be shipped. 

One can simply write the address on the coconut and send it out. 

It’s also common for the coconuts to be decorated with pretty paint and unique drawings before being mailed. 

How cool is that?  

Fun Facts About Hawaii

Hawaiian Fun Facts for Kids

There are so many fun and interesting facts about the state of Hawaii. 

With its own alphabet, time zone, and historical palace, Hawaii isn’t just a beautiful place. 

These facts show us how truly unique this group of islands that we call the state of Hawaii is.  

Did you like these fun Hawaii facts? 

What was your favorite?

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