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Fun Facts About Mercury

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Here are fun facts about Mercury that are out of this world!

Fun Facts About Mercury

Have you ever noticed a super shiny star that appears right before sunrise or after sunset?

Well, that’s actually not a star.

It’s the planet Mercury!

Let’s shoot for the sky and discover some fun and exciting facts about this planet!

Fun Facts About Mercury

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Mercury Facts for Kids

The Sun’s Closest Friend is the Planet Mercury

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

It’s also the smallest planet in our solar system.

They are quite the pair up there in the air.

Mercury and the Sun.

Mercury Rocks!

Mercury is what we call a “rocky planet” or a “terrestrial planet.”

This means that its surface is solid, just like the ground is here on Earth.

Craters and bumpy landscapes cover Mercury making it look like a giant playground.

Oh, what an adventure that would be!

Fun Facts About Mercury

One of Mercury’s Craters is Named After a Famous Author

Most of Mercury’s craters are named after famous artists and writers.

One of these craters is named Geisel after Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Do you know who that is?

You may know him better as Dr. Seuss!

A Day on Mercury is Very Long

Have you ever wondered how long a day is on Mercury?

Well, hold onto your space helmets, kids!

A day on Mercury is about 176 Earth days (that’s one full day-night cycle).

This is because, compared to Earth, Mercury spins super slowly on its axis.

Fun Facts About Mercury

Mercury is Hot and Cold

Even though Mercury is close to the Sun, its temperatures vary to the extreme.

During the day when the Sun is shining on it, it gets hotter than a summer day on Earth.

But at night, when the Sun goes down, it gets really cold like in the winter.

In fact, some of Mercury’s craters even have ice where there is little to no sunlight!

There is No Atmosphere on Mercury

Think of the atmosphere as a big, invisible blanket of air that keeps the planet cozy.

Well, unlike Earth, Mercury doesn’t really have one.

Because there is no atmosphere, the surface of Mercury is quite unique.

There is no wind, no rain, and no snow.

Mercury doesn’t have weather of any kind!

Fun Facts About Mercury

A Sunrise and Sunset on Mercury is Huge

On Mercury, the sunrise and sunsets are quite a show!

This planet is so close to the Sun, that it makes the Sun look huge.

The Sun actually appears to be two or three times bigger than what you see on Earth.

Can you imagine seeing a gigantic, colorful sunrise or sunset that fills the sky?


A Year on Mercury is Quick

Mercury speeds around the Sun faster than any other planet!

In fact, it only takes 88 Earth days for Mercury to go around the sun.

That’s shorter than your school year!

Now that is a speedy planet!

Fun Facts About Mercury

Mercury Has Had Two Visitors

Mariner 10 and Messenger are two spacecraft that were sent to study Mercury.

Mariner 10 was the first to take a look at Mercury in 1973.

Then between 2011 and 2015, Messenger was sent to orbit the planet.

Messenger got an up-close look, took a lot of pictures, and recorded information.

This is how we learned about Mercury’s surface, its craters, and even its magnetic field!

Fun Facts About the Planet Mercury

Each planet in our solar system is unique and Mercury is no exception.

From its speedy orbit to its wild temperature variations, Mercury is full of surprises!

It might be the smallest planet in our solar system, but it’s definitely big on excitement. 

The more we learn about this planet, the more we realize how amazing our universe is. 

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