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Fun Facts About Unicorns

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Are you curious about unicorns? 

Check out these fun facts about unicorns below!

Unicorns are magnificent, magical and mythical creatures! 

Unicorns resemble horses but they have one special feature that sets them apart. 

Do you know what that is? 

Unicorns have a large spiral horn on their forehead. 

In fact, the word unicorn means one horn! 

It is most common to see white unicorns, but the truth is, is that they can be any color! 

From jet black to shimmering gold, the color of a unicorn can vary greatly. 

Fun Facts About Unicorns

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Let’s learn some more interesting facts about unicorns, shall we?

Unicorn Facts for Kids

A Baby Unicorn is a Foal

Baby unicorns are called foals, just like baby horses. 

Sometimes baby unicorns are called sparkles. 

Unicorn foals, or sparkles, are born without their horns. 

Instead, they have a hard knot where their magnificent horn will eventually grow as they get older. 


The Forest is Home to Many Unicorns

Unicorns like to live in the forest amongst the trees. 

The forest keeps them sheltered from the wind and rain.

The forest also offers unicorns plenty of food such as nuts, fruits, and berries. 

Forest friends of unicorns include other woodland creatures such as foxes, fairies, squirrels, gnomes, and more.  

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A Winged Unicorn is Called a Pegacorn

Also known as a flying unicorn, a unicorn with wings is called a pegacorn. 

When a unicorn and a pegasus (a winged horse) have a baby, that baby is known as a pegacorn, or a unisus. 

A unisus will have both the horn from the unicorn and the wings from the pegasus. 


Fun Facts About Unicorns

Unicorns are Well Loved in Scotland

The people of Scotland love unicorns so much that they officially named the unicorn the national animal of the country! 

In Scotland, you can find statues, paintings, and other images of unicorns anywhere and everywhere.

Unicorns even have their own special day! 

Every year, National Unicorn Day is celebrated on April 9. 

This day is filled with lots of rainbows, glitter, and of course, magic and kindness!   

Unicorns Live for Centuries

The life of a unicorn can span over centuries. 

They spend the majority of their lives dancing and frockling through the forests with each other and chasing colorful rainbows. 

They also like to be near water such as lakes and streams. 

Unicorns are very strong and very fast, which is why it is near impossible to sneak a peek of a unicorn, or even to catch one!

A Group of Unicorns is a Blessing

If you come across a group of unicorns, that is called a blessing. 

Seeing just one unicorn brings good luck and good fortune, so seeing a group of unicorns is a true blessing as it is extremely rare.

Fun Facts About Unicorns

An Underwater Unicorn is Called a Narwhal

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. 

Just like a unicorn, the narwhal has a long horn (tusk) protruding from its forehead. 

This unique sea unicorn is found in the waters of the Arctic.  

Fun Unicorn Facts

Unicorns fill our imaginations, dreams, and our everyday thoughts with magic and hope. 

Unicorns are majestic make-believe creatures that represent purity, love, and happiness. 

It is no wonder that they are so magnificent!  

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