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Mermaid Matching Game

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What has a tail, swims, and is even a little magical?

Mermaids, of course!

Bring these mythical creatures into your children’s lives through this printable mermaid matching game. 

Mermaids Matching Game for Kids -

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mermaid memory match printable game

In the modern world, so many games have become digitized.

Get back to basics, and encourage your little ones to play this mermaid matching game.

Matching games, in general, can drastically improve a child’s memory skills.

Many of the mermaids and sea creatures look very similar but have different color hair or shapes making the game a little more difficult.

These slight differences will refine a child’s visual discrimination skills.

Not to mention, when trying to pick up and find matches, a child will be honing in their fine-motor skills!


Stock your printer up with 8.5”x11” sized thick, heavy-weight paper or cardstock.

White paper or cardstock is preferred because of the bright and colorful images.

A matching game like this one requires a lot of hands-on action that standard printer paper may not be able to handle as well.

If you do use standard printer paper, consider laminating the game to give them a sturdier feel. 

When you are done printing out the color-filled pages, you will need scissors to cut out each of the individual cards.

There are thick black lines that outline each card, making it easy to know where to cut. 

Mermaid Matching Game Freebie - a Printable Memory match Game for Kids from


In the classroom, at home, or on the go, there are a number of ways that you can utilize this mermaid game.

Below are just a few of the many ways you can make use of the game. 

  • In the preschool, kindergarten, or lower elementary classroom, you may be working on a mermaid-themed unit or are looking for games to incorporate into your “under-the-sea” lesson. The mermaid matching game is the perfect tool for your students. 
  • After watching “Little Mermaid” your young ones may be flopping around pretending to be like Ariel. The mermaid matching game is a terrific extension activity to whip out, especially while your kids are excited about mermaids and sea creatures. 
  • If you are out to eat and your kids are (im)patiently waiting for their food, have the mermaid matching game ready! You may need to reduce the number of cards you use due to space.
Free Mermaid Friends Matching Game -


  1. After you mix the cards around, flip them all face down. 
  2. Line the cards in rows, creating 5 even columns and 6 even rows.  
  3. To start, the player will flip over one card. Then, flip over one more card. If they match, the player takes them and starts the process over.
  4. If the cards don’t match, flip both cards back to their face-down position. Do this over again until you find the right matches. If playing solo, play until all the matches are found. 
  5. If the game is being played by multiple people, have the youngest player go first. If a player makes a match, they go again. If a player doesn’t make a match, the next player goes. Repeat this until all the matches are found. The winner will be the player who has collected the most matches. 

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