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Facts About Rainbows

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Love rainbows?

Us too!

Check out these fun facts about rainbows!

Rainbow Facts for Kids

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Fun Facts About Rainbows

Rainbows are one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful natural wonders. 

With an array of colors stretching across the sky, rainbows are definitely a sight to see. 

Did you know that rainbows were first explained back in the early fourteenth century? 

That’s a long time ago! 

Want to learn more about rainbows? 

Keep reading to discover other incredible facts about rainbows.

Rainbow Facts for Kids

Rainbows are formed with light and water.

As sunlight shines through water, it is refracted. 

This means that the light bends. 

When light is bent, it creates an arc of colors that we call a rainbow. 

Because you need both light and water to see a rainbow, they are usually visible after a rainstorm, in the mist of a waterfall, or even in morning dew.  

Rainbows are made up of 7 colors.

When you see a rainbow, there is typically seven different colors visible:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 

You may have heard of ROY G BIV when learning about rainbows. 

This is the acronym for the colors of the rainbow. 

Cool, huh?

Rainbow Facts for Kids

Everyone sees rainbows differently.

Because a rainbow is created by light shining through water, people see it differently depending on their point of view. 

So this means, every rainbow is unique to you! 


There are double rainbows.

As if it’s not cool enough to see one rainbow, double rainbows can also occur. 

This is when there are two rainbows that happen at the same exact time.

Rainbows cannot be touched.  

A rainbow is so beautiful that you may find yourself wanting to touch it. 

However, touching a rainbow is impossible! 

Because a rainbow is made of light, it is not a tangible object that can be felt, but rather a sight of beauty to be admired.  

Rainbow Facts for Kids

Rainbows are endless.  

While rainbows typically look like they are arched, you would think that they have an end and a beginning. 

This is not so.  Rainbows are actually full circles that have no end. 

Because we usually see rainbows from the ground, only part of it is visible. 

If you were to see a rainbow from the sky, for instance from in an airplane, you may be able to see it full circle. 

That’s amazing!

Rainbows symbolize peace.

A common theme with rainbows is the feeling of calmness and tranquility when seeing one. 

This makes them a universal symbol of peace, love, and acceptance. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

Rainbow Facts

It really is a magical moment when you see a rainbow. 

Giving off a sense of wonder and happiness, rainbows are surely an incredible sight. 

You know, you don’t have to wait for a rainbow to appear to enjoy seeing one. 

You can make your own rainbow with a garden hose and sunlight! 

With the help of an adult, turn the garden hose on and spray it in a direction that has sunlight hitting it.  And there you have it…  your very own rainbow! 

Go ahead and give a try!

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