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Fun Facts About Venus

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Budding space explorers will love these fun facts about Venus!

Fun Facts About Venus

Have you ever looked up at the sky?

All of those beautiful twinkling dots are stars and planets!

One dot, in particular, is the very unique planet of Venus.

Let’s take a closer look at this planet and learn some fun and fascinating facts.

Fun Facts About Venus

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Venus Facts for Kids

Venus is a Bright and Shiny Star

Have you ever spotted a really, really bright “star” in the sky?

Well, it’s possible that you may just be looking at the planet Venus!

In fact, it’s so bright that it’s sometimes referred to as the “Evening Star” or the “Morning Star”.

Imagine if you had a flashlight that could light up your whole neighborhood.

That’s how bright Venus looks in the night sky.

Venus is Upside-Down and Backwards

Venus is a planet with a bit of a twist.

While most other planets spin around like tops, Venus spins the opposite way.

And it spins very, very slowly.

How interesting!

Fun Facts About Venus

Venus is Hot Hot Hot

The “Morning Star” is a twinkling beauty, but it’s also one of the hottest places in space.

It’s even hotter than the planet Mercury, which is the closest planet to the sun.

The surface temperature of Venus can get up to about 900 degrees!

That’s hot enough to melt metal.


There are Cloudy Skies on Venus

Venus has clouds that are made of sulfuric acid.

Now that sounds like it could be a scary rainstorm!

But don’t worry; it doesn’t rain on Venus.  

The acidic clouds are super thick, and they smell like rotten eggs.  

They also trap in heat, which is why the temperatures on Venus are really hot.

Fun Facts About Venus

Venus is Not for People

While Venus may look very beautiful from afar, all bright and shiny, it’s no place for people.

The ground of this planet is very rocky and treacherous.

The air pressure is so high, that you would literally be crushed.

And, in case you forgot, the air is way too hot and heavy that people couldn’t breathe.

Visiting Venus would require a really brave astronaut in a really strong space suit!

The “Morning Star” is a Slow Spinner

Remember how Venus spins very slowly?

Well, something pretty cool about this planet is that one day on Venus is longer than one year!

It takes Venus about 243 Earth days to complete one rotation.

But it only takes Venus 225 Earth days to revolve around the Sun!

Fun Facts About Venus

Venus is Moonless

Some planets have moons that orbit around them like we do here on Earth.

But guess what?

Venus doesn’t have any moons at all.

It’s completely moonless!

Venus is a Shapeshifter

Venus is quite extraordinary, changing shapes from time to time.

When we view it from Earth, it can sometimes appear to be a tiny sliver in the sky.

And other times, it shows up as a giant, round circle.

Similar to the moon, these different shapes are called “phases.”

Fun Facts About Venus

Fun Facts About the Planet Venus

Isn’t Venus full of surprises? 

From its scorching surface to its shape-shifting appearance, Venus is a celestial gem.

This striking planet has so many unique characteristics.

And these fun facts about Venus are just the beginning.

So, dream big, reach for the stars, and keep exploring!

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