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Fun Facts About Frogs

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Forever curious about frogs?

Us too!

Check out these fun facts about frogs for kids!

Fun Facts About Frogs

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Facts About Frogs

Frogs are amazing little creatures. 

Found in all parts of the world, frogs are really great at jumping and making croaking noises. 

They usually have big eyes and smooth, slimy skin. 

With their unique characteristics and abilities, frogs are one of the coolest animals out there. 

Let’s hop to it and discover some awesome fun facts about frogs!

Fabulous Frog Facts

Frogs are amphibians.

Amphibians are a small animal species that spend the first part of their life in water and the second part of their life on land. 

The name “amphibian” actually means two lives. 

Because amphibians need freshwater to survive, you can find frogs mostly near streams, lakes, rainforests, and other wet or damp locations. 

Other amphibians you might have heard about include toads, salamanders, and newts.

Fun Facts About Frogs

Frogs start their life as tadpoles.

Hatching from eggs in water, young frogs start out as tiny tadpoles. 

They have gills to breathe in water and fins to swim around with. 

As tadpoles grow and mature into frogs, their gills become lungs to breathe the air and their fins turn into limbs to hop on the land. 

How cool is that?

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A group of frogs is called an army.

A group of frogs is usually called an army, but can also be called a colony or a chorus. 

When you hear them talking or singing to each other, they make croaking noises that sound like ribbits, creaks, peeps and more.

Frogs are fantastic jumpers.

Most frogs are really good at jumping, and can jump about 20 times their body length. 

What frog can jump the farthest? 

Well, that would be the African frog. 

It is one of the best jumpers out there, and it can span 14 feet in a single jump! 

Can you believe it?

Fun Facts About Frogs

Frogs do not drink water.

Frogs need water to survive, but they are not drinking it like you would think! 

So, how do they get water? 

Frogs absorb water through their skin with ‘drinking patches’ on their belly and on their thighs. 

Wow, frogs are amazing!

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Some frogs hibernate.

In colder climates, frogs will go into hibernation to survive the winter. 

They will cover themselves in mud or burrow down in crevices. 

Some frogs may actually even freeze solid, but then will later thaw out and come back to life in the spring. 


What’s even cooler about frogs in hibernation is that their bones will develop growth rings every year (much like a tree), so scientists can then tell how old they are by counting the rings. 


Fascinating facts about Frogs

It’s a froggy frog world out there kids, and now you know why. 

Frogs are simply amazing! 

From their double lives in water and on land to their excellent jumping skills, frogs just can’t be beat. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these fantastic fun facts about frogs!  

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