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Fun Facts About Cats

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Check out these fun facts about cats and learn more about our feline friends!

Fun Facts About Cats

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Unusual and Fun Facts About Cats

Cats are amazing! 

These loveable little felines have been stealing the hearts of pet owners for years. 

In fact, there are over 88 million pet cats in the United States alone! 


What are some other fascinating fun facts about cats? 

Keep on reading to learn some more interesting tidbits about our fine furry friends.   

Interesting and Fun Facts About Cats

Cats can jump 5 times their height.

The average cat is able to leap about 5 feet or more in any direction, depending on its height and weight.  

Whether springing up high in the air or soaring across the room, one thing is for sure:  the ability that cats have to move great distances through the air is remarkable!        

House cats are pretty much tigers.

Research shows that domesticated cats and tigers share roughly 95% of the same DNA. 


While knowing that house cats are practically tigers is super cool, this knowledge mainly helps animal conservationists to preserve the wild tiger population. 

Fun Facts About Cats

A cat’s nose is just as unique as a fingerprint.

When looking at a kitty’s nose up close, there are lots of tiny bumps and ridges that make distinctive patterns. 

These patterns are special to that particular cat. 

Just as no two people have the same fingerprint, no two cats have the same nose-print.

A cat’s whiskers are the same width as their body.

Cats use their whiskers for a number of reasons. 

One of those reasons is to know whether they will be able to squeeze through a narrow space or not. 

Having whiskers that are the same width as their body gives cats a helpful hint in order to determine where they will fit. 

How interesting!

Grimalkin is another word for a cat.

Typically used when describing an older female cat, the name Grimalkin dates back to the 1600’s. 

That is a long time ago! 

The term Grimalkin can also be used to describe an old, grumpy woman. 

Fun Facts About Cats

Cats have a paw preference that can determine gender.

All cats have a paw that they favor. 

A cat that instinctively swats with their left paw is usually a male. 

A female cat tends to prefer using their right paw. 

While there are exceptions to the rule, paw dominance gives a big clue to whether or not your feline friend is a boy or a girl. 

Who knew?

An ailurophile is a cat lover.

Ailurophile is the term given to a person who adores cats. 

Also known as a cat lover or cat fancier, ailurophiles are everywhere! 

Did you know that President Abraham Lincoln was an ailurophile?  

He had four cats living in the White House with him during his term. 

That’s more than a few cats! 

Do you know of any other ailurophiles?

Fun Facts About Cats

Facts About Cats

There is so much more to our furry friends than just being cute and lovable. 

With their charming personalities and exceptional qualities, cats are truly marvelous creatures. 

These fun feline facts show just how amazing cats really are.        

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