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How to Make “Look What I Made” Magnet Clips

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How to Make “Look What I Made” Magnet Clips

Do you have a child’s artwork that needs to find a spot on the refrigerator for display?  Regular, everyday magnets will work, but they lack that certain something that makes your child feel special.  An easy fix to that is to create “Look What I Made” Magnet Clips.  They are quick, easy to make, and can be tailored to fit each child in your life.  Have a little one helping you?  Perfect!  Just be sure to supervise if she is using any small buttons or accessories.

“Look What I Made” Magnet Clips

Magnet Clips


Spring-loaded wooden clothespins

Magnet tape strips



Decorations (such as felt cut-outs, buttons, paint, permanent markers, etc.)

Look What I Made Magnet Clips


  1.  Cut 3 1/3″ pieces of magnetic tape and stick them to one side of a clothespin.*
  2.  Choose different felt cut-outs, buttons, or pieces of ribbon that you would like to use on your clips.**  Glue them on with white glue.
  3.  Let them dry thoroughly and then hang on the refrigerator where they can be used to display artwork, recipe cards, or reminders.

If you would like to paint the clothespins (we opted not to), paint them with acrylic paint and allow them to dry thoroughly before putting the magnets on.

** If you want a specific clip for each family member, write their names on the front of the clip using a permanent marker before gluing on any decorations.

Magnet Clips for the Fridge

One great reminder about doing projects with children came while making this craft with my daughter.  She was very excited to create her own and decided that she wanted one of her clips to be positioned horizontally instead of vertically.  She explained it would be easier for her to hang pictures that go all the way to the top of the page.  It made me take a step back and remember that crafting with kids should be crafting with kids not crafting at kids.  Give their creativity free reign and encourage them to think outside of the original crafting idea.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.