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The Best Books for Preschool

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The Best Books for Preschool

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Reading is one of the most important things that you can begin teaching your children.

Literacy is important for learning in every topic imaginable, so starting young and remaining consistent will help ensure your child’s success throughout life.

That means you need to carefully select preschool books to keep your children engaged and interested in learning.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best books for preschool age children, depending on their own strengths and your family’s approach to reading.

What to Look for in Preschool Books

· Subject Matter

When choosing books for preschoolers, the subject matter of the books should be something that they can relate to in their own lives.

Find stories that present topics that they are currently experiencing, such as moving, starting school, or welcoming a new sibling.

Books that deal discuss the new season, a holiday, or everyday struggles are great too.

· Engaging Pictures

The best books for preschool kids are picture books with bright, beautiful images!

They give you the opportunity to discuss them with your child as you read together.

When they have a solid visual of what is happening with the story, they can begin to associate the written words with what is happening on the page, which boosts reading skills and comprehension.

· Captivating Story Telling and Characters

Of course, preschool books should be well-written and present the story and characters in an engaging way.

While writing should be simple enough to understand, it should still be descriptive to help imaginations soar.

Characters should have personality traits that kids can relate to, making it easy to consider them “friends” or clear that a certain character is engaging in bad behavior.

Best Books for Preschool Kids Ready for a Challenge

Some preschoolers begin to pick up reading skills at a young age and need a little bit of a challenge to build their independent reading skills.

In this case, don’t go overboard with books that have content that is above their maturity level.

Even titles for first and second grade can be too advanced and not the best books for preschool.

Keep their reading level in mind, looking for words they can manage that still have the engaging pictures that they love to help them connect to the story.

How to Choose Books for Your Preschooler

Choosing Books for Preschoolers to Read as a Family

When you are reading together as a family, maybe with older siblings at bedtime or as a rainy day activity for everyone, you might want to look at some chapter books.

While these might not be the best books for preschoolers at first glance, you’ll want to look deeper at the story.

Find topics that your little ones can understand and that have very descriptive writing that allows for imagination to make up for the absence of pictures that are found in books for preschoolers.

They’ll love sharing characters and stories that their older siblings enjoy!

Choosing the Best Books for Preschoolers

Choosing the best books for preschool is pretty simple when you take the time to understand your child’s maturity level and interests. There are so many preschool books available that will help establish their love of reading and set them up for success in literacy.

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