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How to Meet Other Homeschoolers

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How to Meet Other Homeschoolers

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When we first started to homeschool, one of my biggest fears was connecting with other homeschool families.

Where were we going to find them?

Would they judge our chosen method of homeschooling?

Would our kids get along?

If you’re new to homeschooling, you might be feeling the same way.

It’s okay.

It gets easier!

I promise.

Why Should I Meet Other Homeschooling Families?

Connecting with other homeschooling families can be great for many reasons.

It can help with social skills, finding friends for your homeschooled kids, as well as gaining insight or making friends with the homeschooling commonality.

Meeting other homeschoolers is also great for you as the parent.

It’s a chance to share ideas, learn new things, or simply sit and have adult conversations.

Here are some tips on how to meet other homeschoolers, so that you and your children can find the support you need and desire.

Ways to Meet Homeschoolers

Homeschool Days at Venues

Oftentimes, educational venues will have special event days for people who homeschool.

They usually call them homeschool days or something similar.

You may find these at places like museums, zoos, festivals, and other educational events and activities.

These are all wonderful places to meet other homeschoolers, even when they don’t have homeschool days.

Usually, if they are there during dates and times when other kids are in a traditional school, they probably homeschool as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

How to Meet Other Homeschoolers

Look Up Homeschool Groups and Co-Ops

There are homeschool groups and co-ops, both online and off where you can meet other homeschoolers.

You can look up many of these by searching online.

You can also check church and library bulletin boards.

Some grocery stores have bulletin boards as well, where some groups and co-ops might post a flyer or advertisement.

If you’re looking for an online homeschool support group, leave a comment below and I’ll invite you to join ours!

Talk to Other Parents at Libraries and Parks

Many homeschoolers can be found at libraries and parks.

This is a great way to meet other homeschool families.

Try going during times when traditional school is in session.

If you see families with school-aged kids, they might be homeschoolers.

Strike up a conversation to find out.

The Hardest Part About Meeting Other Homeschoolers

The hardest part about meeting other homeschoolers is stepping outside your comfort zone and striking up a conversation.

You may be surprised to find that the mom you’re talking with is just as nervous about meeting other homeschoolers as you are!

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