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Is Spanish Hard to Learn?

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Learning a new language can be a valuable skill for children, offering numerous cognitive, academic, and cultural benefits. One popular language choice for homeschooling parents is Spanish. But is Spanish hard to learn?

Is Spanish Hard to Learn

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Let’s explore the advantages of learning Spanish, debunk the myth that it is difficult, discuss various learning methods, including Mas Spanish online program, and suggest ways for kids to practice the language in real life.

Benefits of Learning Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, opening up opportunities for communication and understanding with millions of people.

By learning Spanish, children can enhance their cognitive abilities, improve their memory and problem-solving skills, and boost their creativity.

Additionally, being bilingual can provide academic advantages and increase cultural awareness and appreciation.

Not to mention that, when they get older, being bilingual can greatly improve odds when applying for a job!

Is Spanish Hard to Learn

Spanish: Not as Hard as You Think

Contrary to popular belief, Spanish is considered one of the easier languages for English speakers to learn.

With its straightforward pronunciation rules, phonetic spelling, and similarities in vocabulary with English, children can quickly grasp the basics of Spanish grammar and sentence structure.

The key lies in consistent practice and exposure to the language.

Different Ways to Learn Spanish

There are various methods for teaching Spanish to homeschooling children.

Immersion programs, language exchanges with native speakers, interactive games, and online platforms are all effective tools for language acquisition.

One notable online program is Mas Spanish, which offers engaging lessons, interactive activities, and progress tracking to make learning Spanish fun and effective.

Mas Spanish Online Program

We were first introduced to Mas Spanish – Spanish 1 (the company’s name translates to More Spanish in English) when my daughter was planning on going to Costa Rica for a school trip.

Sadly, the trip was canceled, but her Spanish fluency continued to flourish.

Mas Spanish is a comprehensive online program designed to cater to different learning styles and ages.

With its user-friendly interface, interactive lessons, cultural insights, and feedback, Mas Spanish provides a dynamic learning experience for children.

It’s particularly helpful for homeschool parents who want a hands-off approach to their child learning a foreign language, as kids can complete the lessons independently from start to finish.

As a former homeschool mom of high schoolers, I love this aspect of the curriculum because my kids always wanted to work ahead or learn on their own, and Mas Spanish provides that option for them.

Homeschooling parents can easily incorporate this program into their curriculum to supplement language learning and track their child’s progress effortlessly.

The ability to see what your child has completed makes it easy for record keeping – especially when you’re working on high school transcripts!

Is Spanish Hard to Learn

How Mas Spanish Works

While all of that sounds well and good, it’s important to understand how the Mas Spanish curriculum works.

Students begin by logging in and starting with the very first video-based lessons.

As they complete a lesson, the option to move on to the next one is presented.

There are opportunities for offline practice with worksheets and then a video reviewing the answers so that students can see what they got right or what they need to spend more time reviewing.

The aspect of having a video that reviews the worksheet answers is something that I have rarely seen in homeschooling curriculums.

Typically, students complete the work, and then parents are responsible for reviewing it. But with Mas Spanish, parents don’t have to be involved in the process at all! It’s a great feature!

The instructional videos also encourage students to practice speaking and saying the words aloud. They can be played at a normal rate of speed or sped up if the student already knows the concepts being covered.

Since the Spanish 1 curriculum starts at the very beginning with letter sounds, it’s appropriate for true beginners to the Spanish language.

And since kids can go back and review as many times as they need to, it makes Mas Spanish economical as well as educational!

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Practicing Spanish in Real Life

To reinforce language skills outside the classroom, kids can practice Spanish in real-life settings.

Encouraging conversations in Spanish at home, watching Spanish movies or TV shows, listening to Spanish music, cooking traditional Spanish dishes, or participating in cultural events can help children immerse themselves in the language and develop fluency naturally.

Learn Spanish This Year

Learning Spanish offers a multitude of benefits for homeschooling children (and kids who go to public and private schools, too!).

It is not as challenging as commonly thought, and with the right resources and practice, children can become proficient in the language.

Utilizing tools like Mas Spanish online program and incorporating real-life practice opportunities can enhance the learning experience and make mastering Spanish an enjoyable journey for kids.


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