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Why Jokes for Kids Are Good for Your Classroom

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Break out the rubber chicken!

Jokes for kids are a powerful classroom tool that takes only seconds a day.

Tap into the magic by telling jokes in your classroom.

Why Jokes for Kids are Good for the Classroom

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Telling Jokes in the Classroom

Teaching is serious business.

That’s true.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.

Telling jokes is an effective classroom tool that has powerful benefits.

You don’t need to be a comedian to pull them off.

You just need to have some good jokes ready and deliver them when needed.

Benefits of Telling Jokes in the Classroom

You may think telling jokes is just silliness (and it is), but this silliness has serious benefits.

Lowers the Stress Level

School can be stressful.

Learning new things, interacting with other students, and managing yourself can leave children anxious and keyed up.

Laughing increases those feel-good endorphins, which help your students relax and mellow.

Builds Classroom Community

Laughing together builds a powerful bond.

Not only that, but the jokes become a shared memory among your class.

They will remember the good ones, the bad ones, and the ones you messed up.

This will generate goodwill and a positive classroom identity–who doesn’t want that?


Breaks the Ice

The start of the school year can be challenging.

Your students are likely intimidated and unsure.

Break the ice with a joke!

You will also need icebreakers as the year progresses, especially on days when there is a big test or project.

Makes You the Funny (or Punny) Teacher

You don’t have to be “the boring teacher” or “the strict teacher.” When you tell jokes in your classroom (even one a day), your identity will be “the funny teacher” (or at least, “the punny teacher”).

You don’t have to have a fantastic sense of humor.

You just need a cache of great jokes.

Find jokes for every season of the year at the Mama Teaches Store, like these Valentine’s-themed jokes (perfect for February).

Do you want to download some printable or digital jokes for free?

Check out the Jokes for Kids Sampler Pack in the Freebies Library.

Joke Bundle

Grab the bundle of 240 jokes for kids to last you all year long!

Makes Your Students Smile (or Groan)

Some kids can be a tough audience.

They may not laugh out loud at your joke, but they will love it all the same.

You will help them start their day with a smile (or a groan and smile, which is just as good).

Quick and Easy Time Filler

Even with the most detailed lesson plans, you can end up with odd times of waiting.

Fill it with jokes!

I like to keep jokes on my iPad, so I always have them at the ready.

These jokes come in both digital and print formats.

Did you finish the spelling test early?

Tell some jokes! Is your class waiting in line?

Make them laugh while they wait!

Why Jokes for Kids are Good for the Classroom

Attention Getter

No one likes to miss a joke, which is why they make great attention-getters. If you are tired of saying, “1-2-3, all eyes on me,” tell a joke instead!

Why Jokes Should Be a Part of Your Classroom Routine

The question isn’t “Why should you tell jokes in your classroom?” It’s “Why aren’t you?” Jokes take only seconds to deliver, but they have a whopping impact on your classroom atmosphere.

It’s time to tap into the power of laughter in your classroom.

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