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July Bulletin Board Ideas

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It’s the height of summer. Who needs a bulletin board? You do! Check out these July bulletin board ideas.

July Bulletin Board Ideas

20 July Bulletin Board Ideas

It’s summer, sure, but learning is happening.

How do you create a fun and motivational atmosphere for learning?

Spice up your room with a bulletin board!

Here are 20 July bulletin board ideas for every level of craftiness.

July Bulletin Board Ideas

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Camping Bulletin Board

This adorable bulletin board takes advantage of 3-D elements like the fire.

Flag Paper Chain Bulletin Board

Yes, this post is a decorated door, but it could easily be adapted into a July bulletin board.

Independence Day is July 4, so this is a great inspiration for a bulletin board.

This paper chain flag is easy to make and captures the viewer’s interest right away.

Sharp Bulletin Board

This is a general bulletin board that is great for a classroom with multiple subjects.

It works for all of them!

Look closely, and you will see this board is easy to create.

Sailboat Sensory Board

The sailboats on this board are covered with different textures for the students to feel.

Welcome Board

This bright and cheery welcome board is composed of butterfly printables and a super cool sun.

Decorate Your Own Popsicle Bulletin Board

This is one of my favorite July bulletin board ideas.

The students decorate their own popsicles to post on the board.

You could do this as an art activity or a brain break between subjects.

July Bulletin Board Ideas

Happiness Is Bulletin Board

If you have students in the classroom in July, they may need some cheering up.

This bright and bold board emphasizes happiness!

Little Mermaid Preschool Bulletin Board

Okay, artists/teachers, where are you?

This adorable bulletin board will have preschoolers squealing with delight at their favorite cartoon crab, Sebastian.

You can add fish that your students create.

Under the Sea Bulletin Board

Everyone associates summer with the beach. That is why beach themes abound in these July bulletin board ideas!

This general board features a chain-link octopus.

Writing Bulletin Board

This flowery bulletin board shows targets and examples for improving your writing.

Kindness Bulletin Board

Here is another terrific general bulletin board.

It reminds students to practice kindness and fill each other’s buckets!

American Heroes Board

This history-themed board works well with Independence Day.

July Bulletin Board Ideas

Bitmoji Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

Illustrate the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset with this Bitmoji-inspired board.

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Bulletin Board

This yearlong message gets a July makeover with these neon letters.

Chronicles of Narnia Bulletin Board

This intricate board is book-specific, but maybe it will inspire you to do a targeted bulletin board on your July book!

Reading Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is a timely reminder that you can always travel by reading a book!

Be the Change Bulletin Board

This bright and cheerful bulletin board is easy to put together.

Sweet Work Display Board

One sprinkle-covered plastic tablecloth or fabric? Check.

One bulletin board that practically makes itself? Check.

July Bulletin Board Ideas

Summer Wave Goal Board

You can fill this bulletin board with any student goals they have achieved.

You could do books read, homework sheets completed…anything!

Watch the wave of blue sticky notes appear!

Art Board

This beautiful board is ripe for a display of a rotating inspirational quotation.

Awesome and Inspiring Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas for July

Rev up your classroom during the lazy days of summer with these July bulletin board ideas.

You have options here from simple to ultra-crafty.

With paper, scissors, and a stapler, you can enliven your classroom atmosphere and brighten the space for July.

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