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Ways to Use Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

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Classroom teachers love bulletin boards, but how do you use them in a homeschool setting? Here are some inspiring ideas for homeschool bulletin boards.

Ways to Use Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

How to Utilize Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

Bulletin boards are a blank canvas.

You can use them to inspire, organize, or showcase your homeschool.

Check out these ideas for homeschool bulletin boards.

1. Inspiring Quotations and Art

Globally, what are you teaching in your homeschool right now?

Are you looking to build character?

A bulletin board is a wonderful place to put inspirational quotes or Bible verses.

Are you trying to teach a growth mindset and positive self-talk?

A growth mindset doesn’t just happen; it has to be modeled and trained.

Check out these free growth mindset posters.

You can even put a picture or graphic on the board to draw the eye.

Are you cultivating an appreciation for beauty or the natural world?

You can display art posters or nature photographs.

You could also add dried flowers or pressed leaves.

A bulletin board can be a place of inspiration.

Ways to Use Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

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2. Humor or Curiosity Board

You want to cultivate wonder in your homeschool.

You want to laugh with your kids.

A bulletin board can help you achieve those goals.

Display fun facts on the board and change them out regularly. We have fun facts on topics from animals to states to countries to foods.

(Check out these cute, ready-to-print animal fun facts.)

You could also have a joke board. Display funny comics or memes.

You can rotate in a joke of the day.

3. Anchor Charts

Would your kids benefit from memory aids and step-by-step instructions?

You could add weekly memory work, like science, math, and history facts.

You can also devote a bulletin board to anchor charts.

These anchor charts can provide a road map to completing writing or math assignments.

Ways to Use Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

4. Schedule Bulletin Board

How many times a day do you hear, “What do I do now?”

You can head the question off at the pass by displaying each child’s homeschool schedule.

It’s one of the best ideas for homeschool bulletin boards.

You can have a general schedule or a tailored schedule for the day.

It’s also a place to keep track of extra-curricular activities, appointments, and even shopping or library lists.

Your schedule bulletin board is the perfect place to hold your family calendar.

5. Showcase Bulletin Board

It can be challenging to find the motivation to work on a project or assignment when no one but your parent sees it.

Change the game! Display your student’s best work on a bulletin board.

Guests in your home will love to see what your children are doing, and your children will be proud to see their work displayed.

Ways to Use Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

6. Unit Study Bulletin Board

Are you diving deep into a unit study? Devote a bulletin board to the topic!

You can have a bulletin board themed about a country, animal, or time period in history.

Leave some blank space in your bulletin board and you can fill it with student work.

7. What Are We Eating/Reading/Celebrating?

This is a variation on a theme board.

If you are augmenting your homeschool with cooking lessons and projects, why not feature some of those recipes and pictures on a bulletin board?

If you are reading some great books this year, scan and print the covers and display them.

You can also decorate bulletin boards for the holidays as a way to jazz up your school space.

Ways to Use Bulletin Boards in Your Homeschool

8. Letter Writing Board

The written letter is powerful.

Do a letter-writing unit with your kids and write family members, authors, celebrities, companies, and politicians.

Collect their replies on a bulletin board.

It’s a wonderful skill to teach your children!

They will love seeing the personal replies to their letters.

Homeschool Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are not just for traditional schools.

Homeschool bulletin boards can inspire, inform, and entertain your homeschoolers.

Try one, two, or all eight homeschool bulletin board ideas!

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