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35 Fall Board Ideas: Awesome Bulletin Board Ideas for Back to School and Fall

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Say hello to these back to school and fall bulletin board ideas.

35 Fall Board Ideas Awesome Bulletin Board Ideas for Back to School and Fall

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Fall Board Ideas

It’s not easy coming up with new, inspiring ideas for your bulletin boards.

Why not take a page out of someone else’s book?

These 35 fall board ideas for autumn and back to school run the gamut from simple to execute to super crafty.

Wherever you lie on the board-making spectrum, there is surely an idea to suit you.

Why Make a Fall Bulletin Board?

If children are in school to learn, why focus on the environment of the classroom?

Does it really matter if you have a bulletin board themed for fall or back to school?

A resounding YES!

A fun bulletin board is all about creating a positive learning environment.

Children should see their classrooms as a source of information, yes, but also a source of wonder.

If you can communicate this love and magic with some paper and staples, why wouldn’t you?

By changing up your bulletin board throughout the year, you raise the excitement and expectation in your students.

35 Fall Board Ideas Awesome Bulletin Board Ideas for Back to School and Fall

Supplies You Need for a Fall Bulletin Board

You don’t need to be a craft wizard to make an awesome bulletin board, and you don’t have to break the bank either.

Here are essential supplies to make the magic happen.

  • bulletin board paper (for the background)
  • scalloped bulletin board borders
  • colored paper (for paper dies–those metal stamps that cut paper)
  • die cuts or pre-cut paper letters or shapes
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • tacks
  • double sided tape
  • markers
  • optional: artificial leaves, flowers, streamers, fabric, ribbon, etc.

No matter what type of bulletin board you decide to do, make sure you leave time to tackle some fun fall activities and your autumn bucket list. It’s all about that work-life balance!

Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Classroom Library Bulletin Board

I love this bulletin board for getting students excited about reading!

Crayon Birthday Bulletin Board

This is a fun and colorful birthday board for lower elementary students!

Picture Yourself Bulletin Board

This fall board idea can be filled with actual polaroids from the first day of school!

Names on Cars Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is bright and fun and appeals to your future racecar drivers.

Bright Work Display Bulletin Board

Get ready to display your students’ best work on this bright and cheery board.

We are happy to see you board

Neon makes everything more awesome, don’t you think?

LLama Bulletin Board

This board had me at llama.

Who wouldn’t want to be in this class?

classic Gamer’s bulletin board

This one is so retro it’s cool!

You gotta love old-school PacMan!

Celebrate Kindness Bulletin Board

How about starting the year with a focus on character?

This sweet and dynamic board is composed of kind words.

Rainbow of Possibilities Bulletin Board

Turn cut-up plastic tablecloths into this exciting board!

Welcome back Board

This back-to-school board idea is all about knowing your audience.

Kids will love finding their favorite character on the board.

Bookflix bulletin Board

I love this bulletin board for its multi-age appeal.

It would work equally well in an elementary school classroom and a high school classroom.

Blooming Flowers Bulletin Board

For all you crafty teachers out there who will make homemade flowers while you watch Netflix at night, this board is for you.

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

Challenge the negativity and teach your kids to reframe their thoughts positively.

Why not start the year with a focus on cultivating a growth mindset?

Check out these growth mindset resources:

Happy Birthday Clothespin Board

All you need are the clothespins with your kids’ names on them!

Campfire Bulletin Board

I love how three-dimensional this bulletin board idea is.

And s’mores are always a good idea!

Color-Your-Own Bulletin Board

If you are artistic, what about crafting a color-your-own bulletin board for the kids?

This fall board idea is an excerpt from a poem by Eric Hanson:

There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky.

And you ask, “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling

What if you fly?

Eric Hanson

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Overflow with hope bulletin board

An inspirational message + a three-dimensional leaf display?

Yes, please!

Truck full of pumpkin crafts bulletin board

Have your kids help make this board by using their pumpkin-making skills!

Three-dimensional Fall tree bulletin board

I don’t know what it is about them, but three-dimensional trees are my absolute favorite fall bulletin board idea.

They work for any age, and they are always mesmerizing.

Night Before Christmas Birthday Bulletin Board

This is such a cool combo board: birthday, fall, Halloween, and cultural classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Unbe-LEAF-able Readers bulletin board

A great way to recognize your students’ reading progress and keep it themed for fall.

Welcome to Our Patch bulletin board

I like how this one moves beyond pumpkins to incorporate leaves, acorns, and corn.

It’s a cornucopia of fall vegetation!

Class Rules on Pumpkins Bulletin board

This is a fun way to display your class rules (and sneak in a pumpkin pun).

Fall in Love with a Good Book bulletin board

You can see that this one uses books the children made, but it could work well with older students if you copy the book covers from your year’s reading list (or fall-themed books).

Reading Leaves Me Smiling bulletin board

If you have an extra-large bulletin board to cover, this one may do the trick.

I love how the leaves are placed around the board to suggest movement.

You could also label the leaves to celebrate reading success stories!

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt bulletin board

Here is a sweet fall board idea for pre-K or K students who read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Turn it into a mini-unit study and go on a leaf hunt (use artificial leaves or pressed leaves for color-staying power).

Then let the children craft it up and decorate the plates!

Guess Your Teacher’s Favorite Book bulletin board

It’s hard to tell if these books are lift-the-flap (so you can see the teacher’s name underneath), but I love this idea for a library or a hallway with multiple teachers in a grade.

Kids love finding ways to connect with their teachers!

Fall In Love with Writing bulletin board

This is a changeable way to showcase the latest composition by your lower elementary students.

It could be changed up for older students by including awesome anonymous one-liners from their papers.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

We Be-LEAF in Ourselves bulletin board

It’s hard to tell what is posted on this board, but I love the idea of writing some individual goals for the year.

Names on Trucks for Fall bulletin board

I love this idea of packing pumpkins into little blue trucks!

It is a great bulletin board for pre-K (you can tie it in with The Little Blue Truck books).

Anti-Bullying bulletin Board

October is bullying prevention month.

This board is definitely busy, but it gets the idea across that we can all be everyday heroes by spreading kindness.

Creative Writing Bulletin Board

You have to hand it to the artistic teachers in the world! Look at this use of burlap (I’m in awe!).

A gorgeous way to display student stories.

Ghost Counting bulletin board

Three cheers for a math bulletin board!

Why should language arts have all the fun?

A list of fall board ideas would not be complete without some spooky, Halloween-themed fun.

Itsy-Bitsy Spiders bulletin board

Since the kids do half the work by making spider crafts, this adorable board is super simple to execute.

35 Fall Board Ideas Awesome Bulletin Board Ideas for Back to School and Fall

35 Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall and Back to School

This year is going to be amazing!

Raise the wow factor of your classroom with these awesome bulletin board ideas for back to school and fall.

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