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5 Ways to Make Penmanship Practice Fun

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Who likes penmanship?

Watch the hands shoot up when you follow these five ways to make penmanship fun.

5 Ways to Make Penmanship Practice Fun

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Making Penmanship Fun for Kids

Penmanship practice can be tiresome.

Boring sentences, repetition, the same old notebook and pencil…it’s easy for penmanship practice to become the dullest subject.

How do you enliven penmanship practice while still building all-important fine motor skills?

We’ve got a list of five ways you can spice up your penmanship game.

1. Use Fun Writing Utensils

Who says you have to use Dixon Ticonderoga pencils?

A silly or colorful writing utensil can make penmanship practice a joy.

Keep the special pens and pencils for penmanship practice only (that way you make it special).

Pencils That Smile Back

These scented pencils with smiling tropical fruit pencil toppers are a full multi-sensory experience.

Colorful Pencil Grips

Put a squishy pencil grip on a plain old pencil to make penmanship practice more comfortable and more fun.

Feather Toppers

These silly pencils have a puff of feathers on top.

Your student will chuckle his way through penmanship practice.

Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens glide over the paper, so they are a joy to use.

This set has an array of colors.

Pick a new one each day!

Frixion Pens

My son can’t get enough of these pens.

They are colorful, slide smoothly over paper, and they erase with the magic of friction (no eraser dust!). Frixion pens are a wonder of science and super fun to use.

5 Ways to Make Penmanship Practice Fun

2. Change Up Locations

Did you know that our brains can associate negative emotions with a particular place?

If penmanship practice is a bore, don’t stay in the same old location.

Work on penmanship at a table instead of a desk.

Try penmanship on the floor (yes, it’s okay!).

Use a lap desk and take penmanship practice outside.

By changing locations you give penmanship practice a chance to make a better impression.

3. Write About Fun Topics

Nonsense sentences that focus on specific letters are effective but dull: “Bob bought big bagels.” Big deal.

Make penmanship practice fun by writing sentences that are interesting.

Try growth mindset quotations or fun facts in print or cursive.

“Some penguins weigh 80 pounds,” is not just penmanship practice, it’s a conversation starter!

5 Ways to Make Penmanship Practice Fun

4. Write Letters

Too often penmanship practice has no point in a student’s eyes.

He writes a sentence or paragraph, and ultimately it stays glued in a workbook or ends up in the trash can.

Why bother?

Motivate a student by writing letters to friends and family who live out of state.

Not only will they appreciate the handwritten letter, but they will also likely write back to your student.

And who doesn’t like getting mail?

5. Use Dry Erase

What is it about dry erase markers that makes them so appealing to kids?

Perhaps it is the smooth glide of the felt tip, the instant erasure, or the wide selection of colors.

Take advantage of the allure of dry erase markers and use them for penmanship practice.

Simply slide a worksheet into a sturdy page protector (or laminate the page) and have your student trace or copy the sentence.

5 Ways to Make Penmanship Practice Fun

Making Penmanship Enjoyable

Penmanship practice does not have to be a chore; it can be a delight!

Try some (or all) of these five ways to make penmanship practice fun.

Who knows?

Penmanship practice may soon be your student’s favorite part of schoolwork.

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