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Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

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Create lifelong learners by bringing self-directed learning into your homeschool.

Keep reading to learn how to embrace interest-led learning.

Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

Self-Directed Learning

Bringing specific interests into your homeschool will not only make school more enjoyable for your kids, but it will also spark curiosity in your kids.

Self- Directed learning is when kids control what they are learning.

If they love animals, let them learn more about animals.

From magazines to live stream safaris, to podcasts, to going to the zoo, let them learn from different sources and in different ways.

Interest-led, self-directed learning doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach.

Support it where you can while still keeping up with the educational plan you have in place.

But don’t be afraid to adjust learning goals if need be.

Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

How to Embrace Self-Directed Learning

1. Encourage curiosity by allowing students to explore topics that interest them and play around with new ideas.

Let your students explore the topics that they are drawn to. By doing this, they are already motivated to want to learn more about the topics.

This creates more authentic learning opportunities and takes work off of your plate.

2. Develop an individualized learning plan for each student, considering their needs, interests, and goals.

When a plan is in place, goals can be set and achieved. Each child is unique, so each individualized learning plan will differ.

Homeschooling is an excellent opportunity to let your kids flourish by considering each kid’s needs, interests, and goals.

Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

3. Utilize a variety of resources such as books, websites, educational apps, and online courses to supplement at-home instruction

Bringing in different resources will keep your homeschool exciting and help your kids experience various formats and ways of getting information.

There are many free resources out there to use in your homeschool.

4. Provide opportunities for students to engage in self-directed projects

Self-directed projects can be anything from writing a book to creating an invention and anything in between.

Your kids are sure to feel a great sense of accomplishment when they take control of their projects through self-directed learning.

Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

5. Make use of digital tools such as video conferencing software for remote communication.

Video conferencing is a great way to bring new people, experts, or perspectives to your learning environment. Video chats allow questions and items to be shown to the people in the video chat.

6. Allow time for hands-on activities such as field trips, cooking classes, or internships to stimulate learning experiences in a creative way further.

Learning can happen anywhere. By having in-person experiences, your kids are sure to take in new information and learn new skills.

These hands-on activities may spark even more self-directed learning once you get home.

Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

7. Incorporate media literacy into your homeschool program by introducing students to different types of media sources and their impacts on society.

Different sources may include newspapers, radio shows, podcasts, etc. Introducing various types of media sources allows your students to see that there are many places to gather information.

When it comes to self-directed learning, the more resources your kids can get their hands on, usually the better.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to have a conversation about informative versus opinionated sources.

8. Encourage reflection by having students regularly assess their learning progress and determine what changes need to be made to continue their growth.

Self-directed learning includes having your students assess where they are in their education.

By incorporating them during the assessment process, they can decide what they want to keep learning about and how their goals will be achieved.

But, of course, if goals need to be adjusted, that’s okay, too!

Embracing Self-Directed Learning with Homeschooling

Self-Directed Education

Interest-led, self-directed learning is a beautiful addition to any homeschool. Letting your students be in charge of their learning will make them lifelong learners.

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