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Alternatives to Celebrating Holidays in the Classroom

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How can you break up the routine and add some freshness to the school day? You can take time to celebrate! Check out this list of alternatives to celebrating holidays in the classroom.

Alternatives to Celebrating Holidays in the Classroom

Why You Should Celebrate

The school year is long, and kids get tired and bored of doing the same thing all the time. By adding a dose of the unexpected, you can rejuvenate your students. Holidays are one way to do that, themed lessons are another, but you have another option: You can celebrate a day you invent!

Most of these ideas take very little to implement, but they yield huge results. You’ll soon have an energetic classroom and the label “Most Awesome Teacher.” Who wouldn’t want that?

Celebration Days

These celebration days are alternatives to celebrating traditional holidays in the classroom. Try one, two, or all of them over the course of the year!

Game Day

Students young and old absolutely love games. On game day, every lesson has a game as an intro. This game can be simple and fast (like tic tac toe) or it can be tied to your lesson. You can play adjective BINGO, Jack Attack or another math game, Pass Around the Story or another writing game, or 20 Questions to guess a history character. If you have indoor recess, you can play board games or group games.

Joke Day

Make ’em laugh with Joke Day! You can have students bring in jokes to share in class, you can open with jokes in your morning routine, and you can use jokes as a segue to every subject. You can download 240 jokes perfect for kids right here.

Alternatives to Celebrating Holidays in the Classroom

Would You Rather Day

Would you rather do the same thing every day in school or mix it up with Would You Rather questions? It’s a no brainer! Kids love Would You Rather questions with their funny and silly scenarios. You can ask Would Your Rather questions throughout the day. You can even surprise your students with one mid lesson! Check out this list of 400 Would You Rather Questions right here.

Minute to Win It Day

Minute to Win It games are fast and furious games that use regular household objects. Each game takes only a minute to play. You can divide your class into teams for the whole day (ask them to wear their team color to school). Then you can play these high-energy games at various points in the day. This list of Minute to Win It style games will give you plenty of ideas.

Dance Party Day

On this celebration day, you can hold impromptu dance party sessions. The dances don’t have to be long. You can use them as brain breaks and in between subjects. Check out this 30 Second Dance Party Button. Hit it and dance like nobody’s watching for half a minute!

Alternatives to Celebrating Holidays in the Classroom

Seasonal Days

Celebrate the change in seasons with seasonal days. This themed day has lessons, games, and activities related to the season. For example, on Winter Day you can study snowflake symmetry in math, read winter-themed books, or complete a snowman craft as a break. You can add winter snacks, winter jokes, and winter games to round out the day.

Pajama Day

Why save Pajama Day for a school spirit day? You can celebrate it in the classroom. Piggyback off school Pajama Day or institute your own. You can have cozy reading time, bed themed word problems, a bedtime snack, and play lullabies or soothing classical music during art. If you have younger students, they may want to bring in a soft plush buddy for Pajama Day.

Backwards Day

On Backwards Day, you do all you can backwards. You can even wear your clothes backwards! How can you upend your day? You can write stories in reverse, give answers in math and invent the problems, and “take attendance” at the end of the day. When your students leave you in the afternoon, make sure you bid them good morning!

Alternatives to Celebrating Holidays in the Classroom

Classroom Celebrations

You can celebrate your own holidays in the classroom with these 8 celebration ideas. Are you just getting started? Check out this list of Spirit Days, and turn them into classroom celebrations. Whatever you do, even something small, will no doubt delight your students.

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