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Friday Favorites: Skōsh and 2-Player Perpetual Commotion

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Friday Favorites: Skōsh and 2-Player Perpetual Commotion

The cold has been brutal and we’ve had more icy days than not. So, when Goldbrick Games gave me the opportunity to review two of their games, I was more than happy to jump on it. New games to beat the winter boredom blues? Yes, please!

While I was given the games, the opinions expressed in the review are completely my own. If I didn’t like them, I’d tell you!

Meet Skōsh and 2-Player Perpetual Commotion

We’ve been playing a lot of board games this year, because it not only helps cut down on screen time, but it’s fun and the kids love it. So, after hours (and hours and hours and hours and…) of Monopoly, we were in desperate need of something new. Lucky for us, Skōsh and 2-Player Perpetual Commotion arrived on a snowy afternoon. It was love at first play.


Now Skōsh is a trivia game and I have to admit that I was a bit worried that the first grader would be too young to play. Thankfully, the game centers around good guessing and not exact facts for the win. We set up the board (which took about 2 seconds) and put the Skōsh puck in the center circle after breaking off into our “Girls” vs. “Boys” teams. The idea of the game is simple: guess as close to the real answer as you can to advance. If you’re way off, you lose a place and go backwards. Easy peasy for our crew!

We picked our trivia cards, looked them over, switched out two with the boys, and then got to guessing. There’s a timer that you’re supposed to use to help monitor the amount of time spent, but we honestly finished with the whole process before the timer was done each time. I guess we’re speedy when it comes to deciding and guessing!

Friday Favorites: Skōsh and 2-Player Perpetual Commotion

The kids loved the mini-dry erase cards and markers and really got in to writing their answers. The boys, 13 and 11, even worked together to come up with answers. For that alone, I could have kissed the Skōsh creators. So, after we were done guessing answers to things like “how old the average flight attendant is in the US” and “what percentage of households in the US decorate for Halloween”, we took turns reading our answers and sliding the puck. The girls won both times, but the boys did a great job.

While the game itself was easy to set-up, the directions were easy to follow, and the mini-dry erase cards were super cute, the best part of the game was that we learned things. In fact, we learned a lot. We may not have gotten the answers right every time, but the questions made us all think and then got us excited to find out the answers. Ironically, a trivia fact that we learned from the game came up later on a history show we were watching and the kids recognized it immediately.

As a mom, having them all work together and thinking while playing a game is great. As a homeschooler, a game that’s based on fascinating trivia that captures their attention is even better. Skōsh is both.
But, if trivia isn’t your thing then you have to meet…


Card games are a favorite of ours and when I say I’m tired of playing WAR, I mean, I. am. REALLY. tired. of playing. W.A.R. So, YEAH!, for Goldbrick Games for sending 2-Player Perpetual Commotion, because you saved the day (and my sanity) when it comes to card games!

2-Player Perpetual Commotion is based on the company’s popular original Perpetual Commotion game that’s for 2-8 players. I have to admit that it’s a little bit confusing at first, because there are three main things you need to pay attention to while playing. Again, I was worried it would be a bit over the 7 year old’s skill set, but she took to it immediately.

Basically, you have two decks of cards and the first player to put down all of their cards wins. You lay out five cards in front of you, create a stack of 13 on the side, and then turn the remaining cards over in solitaire fashion. Sounds a bit confusing, doesn’t it? We actually searched YouTube for a video about it, but could only find ones about the original game. It gave us a better idea of how the game was to be played though, and after that we were on a roll.

The trick is to be quick and monitor all piles at the same time. Talk about an amazing game for hand-eye coordination and processing skills! In fact, it’s so good for processing that I couldn’t wait to tell my oldest’s OT (Occupational Therapist) when she came later in the week. The more you play, the faster you get, and the better your processing and coordination become. For kids (and us aging adults), it’s awesome!

So, Goldbrick Games, thank you for saving us from winter boredom and for bringing us two new amazing games to add to our collection. They will be cherished and played for years to come!

Skōsh and 2-Player Perpetual Commotion can be found at Goldbrick Games’ website, as well as on Amazon. You can also connect with Goldbrick Games on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter.

What’s a game your family enjoys playing?

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