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Valentine’s Day Math Activities

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Do you want your child to fall in love with math this Valentine’s Day? 

Check out these easy and fun Valentine’s Day Math Activities to bring a little love to math!

Valentine's Day Math Activities

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Valentine’s Day Math Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Is your little one tired of the same old math practice? 

Bring something sweet to your day with Valentine’s Day Math Activities! 

Boom Card Love

Every kid loves interactive, digital Boom cards. 

This set focuses on seeing patterns–a first step in logical thinking required for math. 

Would you prefer an in-print version for some flashcard fun? 

You can find those here

Yummy Manipulatives 

Set aside those same-old, same-old math counters for a day (haven’t those plastic teddy bears worked hard enough?) and swap in some candy hearts for counting, basic addition, or subtraction. 

Too much temptation? 

Cut out tiny hearts from construction paper to use instead.

I Heart Play Dough 

Give your child a heart cookie cutter and playdough to make a Valentine’s Day Math cookie store. 

You can place orders for certain numbers of playdough heart cookies and have your child fill the order.

For more advanced math, she can even make price tags for the items and count the change. 

She could even sell the playdough chocolates in this activity!

Valentine's Day Math Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Math Activities for Elementary

Take advantage of some of the amazing printables available for Valentine Math Activities.


This free color by number printable has two pages. 

One is great for younger learners to practice basic number recognition. 

The second is addition and subtraction practice disguised as some Valentine’s art for the fridge!

You can download it for free in our Freebies Library!

Sweet Graphing

Use candy hearts to practice graphing in this FREE graphing mat printable that’s in our Freebies Library

Once the graph is complete, you could enjoy a sweet reward!

Cards That Count

For even more Valentine’s Day graphing fun, have your child count and record the answers in these Boom cards!

Mend Those Broken Hearts

Hearts make natural puzzle pieces. 

Your child will match the addition or subtraction problem on one side with its answer on the other in these puzzles.   

With this set, your child will work on multiplication and division.

Valentine's Day Math Activities for Preschool and Elementary

Valentine’s Day Math Games

When thinking about Valentine’s Day Math Activities, move beyond the traditional math lesson and play games to practice Valentine’s Day Math.

Hopscotch to my Heart

Instead of squares for hopscotch, draw a version on a driveway or sidewalk that is made of hearts. 

For little ones, hopscotch is perfect for practicing number recognition. 

For older kids, you can throw two pebbles on the hopscotch board. 

Add or multiply the numbers. 

Then the hopper must complete that number of hops.  

Play a Round of Hearts

Pull out the suit of hearts from two or more decks to make a hearts-only deck. 

Divide the new deck in half and play War, but be sure to add or multiply the numbers together each round (aces are 1 and face cards are 10). 

For example, if you play a 6 and your child plays a Jack (worth 10 points), before he takes the cards as the winner, ask him to multiply 6 x 10.  

Roll ‘Em, Cupid

Play a dice game with three dice. 

Since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th day of the month, take turns rolling to make “14.”  You could get 14 by using all three numbers and the various math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). 

For example, you could get 14 by 6+6+2, 6×2+2, 2×4+6, 6×3-4, etc. 

The first person to roll something that gets to 14 wins.  

Valentine’s Day is 2/14

Another dice game involves a pencil and paper. 

Take turns rolling three dice and adding them all together.

Add up your individual totals. 

The first person to make it to 214 wins the game. 

Valentine's Day Math Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is not only heartfelt cards and a sugar rush. 

Sweeten your day with some of these simple Valentine Math Activities. 

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