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Vocabulary Learning for Homeschoolers

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Building a child’s word bank takes intentional actions and the understanding that vocabulary learning is an important part of their development.

Vocabulary Learning for Homeschoolers

But how do you go about doing that in a way that’s fun yet also effective?

Below is one vocabulary program that has worked for us that I think your child might also enjoy!

Here’s to building words and making vocabulary learning part of your everyday experience.

Vocabulary Learning for Homeschoolers

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Vocabulary Learning for Homeschoolers

It is important for kids to expand their vocabulary in order to better understand the world around them.

A strong vocabulary allows kids to express themselves more effectively in written and verbal communication, make informed decisions, and ultimately become more successful in school and in life.

With Wordela Homeschool, kids are able to learn new words and concepts in an interactive and engaging way, which helps to foster a love of learning and develop an appreciation for language.

Wordela Homeschool for Vocabulary Building

Wordela Homeschool is an online vocabulary-building program for homeschoolers from the makers of Typesy Homeschool, an online typing program.

The idea behind Wordela Homeschool is to increase students’ vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

When students first experience the program, they are placed according to their current vocabulary knowledge.

This is a great way to differentiate instruction for your children and give them the vocabulary practice that they need at the level that they are at.

Vocabulary Learning for Homeschoolers

Practicing Vocabulary

Once they have been placed at a level, there are four different options for practicing and learning vocabulary.


The first method is to use Wordela Homeschool’s AutoLearn feature. It is adaptive practice and allows students to practice the set of words to mastery based on their performance.

Smart Flashcards

The second method is to use the Smart Flashcards. If your child does well with a skill-and-drill type approach like mine does, the Smart Flashcards are a great option as they mimic a real index card type of review.


The Review feature lets students dig deeper into the words and really get a sense of what they mean. There are also options within the program that allows kids to see the morphology of words and understand their origins.


The final method is to use the ZSpell option. For kids who love gameplay, ZSpell is a fast, interactive spelling and typing game that requires students to type the letters in each vocabulary word to eliminate it. It’s very fast-paced and great typing practice! While it doesn’t specifically address the meaning of each vocabulary word, it is a fun way to end the vocabulary skills practice.

The great thing about these different methods is that they can be used alone or in combination with one another. The way that your child learns can be the way that they experience vocabulary learning through Wordela Homeschool.

Vocabulary Learning for Kids

What I Love About Wordela Homeschool

As a former classroom teacher and homeschooling mom to three, I know the importance of building strong vocabularies and making words come alive for students.

Not only does it help them when they’re reading, but it also helps as they navigate life outside of the home and school.

I really appreciate the fact that Wordela Homeschool makes the basics fun and interactive. It’s not a flashy program with cartoon characters and bright colors. Instead, it focuses on what the program is designed to do. – make vocabulary learning effective and enjoyable.

I’m also a big fan of the parent dashboard that lets you see how your child is progressing!

What My Kids Like About Wordela Homeschool

There wasn’t any hesitation to try to Wordela Homeschool program when I introduced it to them. They appreciated that the words were based on their vocabulary level and that they didn’t have to wade through words that were too easy or be bogged down by words that were too challenging.

They also liked that they could hear the words pronounced if they were unsure of how to say them. Being able to hear them pronounced was especially helpful for my son with dyslexia.

Vocabulary Learning with Wordela Homeschool

If you’re looking for a vocabulary building program for your homeschoolers or something to use as vocabulary enrichment in the classroom, Wordela Homeschool is a great option.

Its no nonsense approach to vocabulary learning makes it appropriate for older students, as well as younger learners.

Check out Wordela Homeschool today and add it to this year’s homeschool language arts curriculum!

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