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Homeschool Typing Lessons

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Learning how to type is an essential skill both in homeschooling and public school these days.

Without it, students can have difficulty keeping up with assignments.

Homeschool typing lessons are a great way to add those much-needed skills without having it be a chore.

Typesy Typing Lessons

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But how do you add typing lessons to your already full day?

Introduce your kids to Typesy!

Homeschool Learn to Type Software

No matter what you think of the Common Core Standards, the mandated keyboarding skills lessons are a smart inclusion.

Typing is the new writing and it’s important to make sure kids have the skills to meet the future demands of work and school.

For homeschoolers, learning to type software has traditionally been very plain and not very entertaining.

Typesy changes that by creating child-directed lessons that are backed by intelligent and responsive typing software that makes it fun to learn how to type.

How does it do that?

With interactive stories, games, and practice activities, of course!

Homeschool Learn to Type Activities

When you sign-up for Typesy, each child has a separate account.

That allows them to progress through the software at their own pace.

It also allows the program to interact and adapt with the child based on their results and needs.

Each lesson begins with a fun story video that is designed to keep children engaged.

Practice comes next and there is plenty of practice with typing letters, words, spaces, and more.

While there is a lot of repetition in practicing the letters (that’s how typing skills are built!), there’s very little repetition in the way that practice is presented.

That keeps things fun!

Typesy Homeschool Typing Lessons

Unlike some programs that start with the basics and end before mastery, Typesy is a one-and-done learn-to-type software program.

That means that once your student starts with Typesy, the program will continue until he or she has complete typing mastery.

It’s the only program that you’ll need to teach your kids to type!

What We Love About Typesy

There’s a lot to love about the Typesy learn to type software, but here are our top five favorite things:

1 – It’s Fun!

The kids agreed that Typesy makes learning how to type fun.

It gives them the practice they need without the boring repetitiveness of some programs.

2 – The Graphics Are Good

This may sound silly, but we have tried typing programs in the past that were not very graphically developed.

They were really basic and did the job, but they weren’t much fun to look at.

Typesy’s developers understood the importance of making the graphics engaging for kids and delivered!

The graphics are age-appropriate and make learning to type fun.

3 – It’s No-Prep

The lack of required prep and planning is definitely a huge plus for me.

I love that the kids can log on, complete their assignments independently, and I can later check the reporting to see how they did.

It makes things so much easier!

Typesy Homeschool Typing Lessons

4 – You Only Need One Program

Not having to worry about getting yet another program makes Typesy a smart and economically feasible investment.

That means my kids can use it from start to mastery without having to switch programs.

5 – It’s Gamified

In addition to being fun in the sense that it’s colorful and engaging, we also like that it’s gamified.

Some friendly competition to beat each other’s mastery and typing speed goes a long way to keep the kids having fun!

Typing Lessons with Typesy

If you’re looking for the perfect typing program to add to your homeschool curriculum, check out Typesy!

It’s a fun way to make typing lessons more engaging and give your students the keyboarding skills they need to succeed in school and their future careers.


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