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25 Back to School Would You Rather Questions

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These 25 Back to School Would You Rather Questions are a fun way to start getting back into the school/homeschool state of mind!

Well, the kids are finally headed back to school after a fun-filled summer.  What’s a great way to get them back into school mode?  How about a little game of Would You Rather – Back to School edition? 

We’ve got 25 awesome Would You Rather questions that are perfect for getting school back on the brain.  Okay then, let’s have some fun! 

25 Back to School Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Back to School Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather…

  1. …sit at your own desk or sit with a friend?
  2. …be able to read really fast or run really fast?
  3. …have gym class inside or outside?
  4. …perform science experiments or read about science experiments?
  5. …have no homework ever again or no tests ever again?
  6. …paint an art project or learn to play the clarinet?
  7. …wear a uniform to school or wear whatever you want to school?
  8. …ride your bike to school or walk to school?
  9. …do your homework right after school or right after dinner?
  10. …write with a pencil or write with a pen?
  11. …have only one teacher all day or several different teachers?
  12. …go to a really big school or really small school?
  13. …have a study buddy or study alone?
  14. …go to school with a rip in your shirt or a hole in your shoe?
  15. …perform in the school play or be in the marching band?
  16. …play hopscotch or jump rope?
  17. …go to school year round or never get graded?
  18. …make new friends or keep your old friends?
  19. …sit in assigned seats or sit where you want in class?
  20. …write your answer on the board or yell your answer really loud?
  21. …write an essay or read a novel?
  22. …have dinner with your teacher or have dinner with the principal?
  23. …be involved in school clubs or school sports?
  24. …go to school 7 days a week or go to school Monday–Friday, year round?
  25. …have every subject in the same classroom or different subjects in different rooms?

25 Back to School Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather Questions for Back to School

Would You Rather questions are the perfect icebreakers for in the classroom.  They’re also a fun and interesting way to get a conversation started. 

These silly questions will help you get to know your students, as well as, help students get to know each other.  So, go ahead and find out what your kids would rather do!

Want to play Would You Rather any time of year?  Take a look at these everyday 100 Would You Rather questions!

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