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Establishing a Back to School Routine

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Back to school looks vastly different this year in some parts of the country.

Here’s how to make the back to school routine a little bit easier.

Establishing a Good Back to School Routine - MamaTeaches

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A New Type of Back to School Routine

Whether your kids are going back to school in person or online, it’s important that we set them up for success.

A lot of that begins with the routines and the attitudes that we have about this unusual time.

If you have already started school and are finding that it’s not going quite as planned, you’re not alone.

Many families are reporting that their back to school experience is a lot different and a lot more disjointed.

It’s going to be okay!

Below you’ll find five tips for creating a back to school routine that will help make things flow a bit easier.

From the morning routine to the type of food you serve, there are little ways to make a big impact.

5 Tips to Start Back to School Season off Right

Prepare the Morning

It’s important that your morning routine is structured and works for your family.

Give each child their own alarm clock to help them get into the habit of waking up on their own.

Of course, you’ll still have to monitor that they are up and ready for classes online or in-person!

Setting clothes out the night before and making sure their books are ready in their backpacks will make the morning go much more smoothly.

(If you haven’t yet, create a back to school clothes inventory and shopping list so that you’re kids have what they need before they need it!)

If your kids are distance learning this year make sure that their work area is set-up with everything they need. It will save them (and you!) a lot of aggravation.

Establishing a Back to School Routine - No Matter What Your Back to School Look Likes!

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Plan School Day Breakfasts

Spend time on the weekend preparing quick but healthy breakfast options that your kids can easily grab and eat.

Breakfast burritos are a great option and can be made in large batches and then placed in the freezer.

Kids can reheat them and eat them on the go if need be.

Muffins and cereal bars with juice are also excellent options for healthy and quick school breakfasts.

Pack or Plan a Healthy Lunch

If your kids are heading out to school in person, be sure to pack a healthy lunch.

Some school guidelines may require kids to eat in their classrooms, so a healthy lunch that doesn’t require microwaving is a must.

A bento lunchbox may come in handy for packing a healthy, well-balanced school lunch for your kids too!

If your children are distance or virtual schooling this year, it can still make your life so much easier if you plan out school lunches for the week.

It’s then one less thing that you have to think or worry about during the day.

How to Make School Mornings Not Stink by Starting a New Routine

Create a New Schedule and back to school routine

The hardest part of back to school?

Getting onto a new schedule and creating a new back to school routine.

Consider taking away some of the extra electronic and TV time that your kids have enjoyed during summer break to help them ease into a bedtime routine.

Some new bedtime books might help make the transition away from electronics a bit easier!

Be Consistent

Ideally, you’d be starting your new back to school routine a few weeks early.

However, in this day and age, the key is creating consistency with the time you have available.

Despite fussing or complaining, ease your kids back into the new schedule and routine of school as gently and with as positive of an attitude as you can muster.

Create the routine and consistency so that they know what to expect and when to expect it.

Back to School Routine Done Right

Remember, at the end of the day, the back to school routine that’s going to be best is the one that works for your family.

If planning ahead for the entire week is what makes you all less stressed, do that.

If taking things day by day eases your mind, try that instead.

Give yourself grace and remember that if you’re stressed, your kids will be too.

We will get through this together, friends!

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