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Weird Holidays in August

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Get ready to make the end of summer amazing with these weird holidays in August!

Weird Holidays in August

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Unusual and Weird Holidays in August

Make the most of this August by celebrating every day!  

Below is a list of unique and unusual holidays that will surely give you a reason to do something interesting.  

Check them out!

August 1 – National Doll Day

August 2 – Dinosaurs Day

Have a dinosaur lover in your midst?

Celebrate the day with a free printable dinosaur early reader, a dino matching game, or a dinosaur craft!

August 3 – Grab Some Nuts Day

August 4 – US Coast Guard Day

August 5 – International Traffic Light Day

Make your own traffic light craft with these easy directions from That Kids Craft Site!

August 6 – National Gossip Day

August 7 – National Sea Serpent Day

Weird Holidays in August

August 8 – Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

With zucchini growing aplenty in summer gardens, it can be a challenge to decide what to do with it all.  

This unique holiday is a day to share your zucchini with your neighbors.  

Put a zucchini or two in a basket and drop it off on the porch next door.  

If you don’t have any zucchini to gift, that’s okay!  

Try out some zucchini recipes, eat something with zucchini in it, or check out a zucchini festival near you!

August 9 – National Polka Day

August 10 – National Lazy Day

August 11 – Play in the Sand Day

August 12 – Vinyl Record Day

August 13 – National Left-Handers Day

August 14 – National Bowling Day

Weird Holidays in August

August 15 – Chant at the Moon Day

Have you heard of Moon Cherries?  

Well, they are super delicious cherries grown by a company called Stemilt.  

Grown at a high altitude, Moon Cherries are literally “ahalf mile closer to the moon”.  

Chanting at the moon on August 15 celebrates the moon’s magical ways of making these cherries taste so good.  

So get on out there, and honor this day by chanting at the moon and then indulging in some mouthwatering Moon Cherries of your own.  

August 16 – National Roller Coaster Day

August 17 – Balloon Air Mail Day

August 18 – Helium Discovery Day

August 19 – International Orangutan Day

August 20 – National Lemonade Day

Host a lemonade stand in celebration of National Lemonade Day or try some of these delicious lemonade recipes!

Weird Holidays in August

August 21 – World Honey Bee Day

Learn more about bees on this special holiday that’s all about them!

These children’s books about bees can help!

August 22 – National Tooth Fairy Day

August 23 – Ride the Wind Day

This awesome holiday celebrates those easy breezy carefree days we love.  

Feel the wind on your face with a bike ride, get high up in the sky in a hot air balloon, or if you like to stay grounded, go fly a kite.  

Whatever you do, enjoy the day and let the wind take you where it may!

August 24 – Shooting Star Day

August 25 – National Banana Split Day

August 26 – Musical Yoga Day

August 27 – World Rock Paper Scissors Day

August 28 – National Bow Tie Day

Weird Holidays in August

August 29 – Lemon Juice Day

August 30 – National Toasted Marshmallow Day

August 31 – Eat Outside Day

Weird August Holidays

Sharing zucchini, doing the polka and sporting your favorite bow tie are all wonderful ways to celebrate the amazing month of August!  

What weird and wacky holiday has caught your attention?

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